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[V10] What SIM card does V10 utilize?

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  • Last Updated 02/11/2015

What SIM card does V10 utilize?


     The V10 uses a Nano-SIM card. See your local carrier for any SIM related needs.

<SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: Arial">

 How to insert and remove Nano-SIM card</SPAN></P>

     1. Open the product’s battery cover and remove the battery.


     2. Insert Nano-SIM card so that the metal connector faces down with the tabbed side first as 
         shown above.
     3. Be careful not to insert Nano-SIM card into the external memory card slot 
         directly above the Nano-SIM slot.

 Things to know about Nano-SIM card

     1. You can set lock on Nano-SIM card so that others cannot use. For questions regarding 
         Nano-SIM card usage, contact your carrier.
     2. Take care when inserting or removing the Nano-SIM card from the device.

 Cautions for Nano-SIM card usage

     1. If Nano-SIM card is damaged by scratch, bending, or magnet, the files stored in Nano-SIM
         card may be erased, or product may malfunction.


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