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How can I maximize battery life of the phone?

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  • Last Updated 07/06/2016

You can minimize battery usage by terminate unnecessary background-apps or turn off unused features.

Terminating background apps

 1.  Lollipop OS : Menu(apps) > Settings > Select 'General' tab > Apps > Select the 'Running' tab > Select the app to be terminate > 'Stop'

 2.  Mashmallow OS : Menu(apps) > Settings > Select 'General' tab > Battery & Power saving > Battery usage > Find the app to terminate and select 'Stop'     

• If you exit from an app by tapping the 'Home' key, the app may disappear but will still run in the background and consume battery.
Always terminate the app completely by pressing the ‘Back’ button or using the following method.

• Tap the Overview button ['□'] and select 'Clear all.'

• Turning on Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi functions only when you use them will reduce battery consumption.

• Routine automatic synchronization (e.g. Wi-Fi Zone/home/dawn) can consume battery if the auto-sync function is set On.
Routine automatic synchronization feature can be turned off by drag down the notification panel.
In this case, you will reduce battery consumption.

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