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Does replacing the battery help extend the battery life?

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  • Last Updated 07/06/2016

Replacing the battery is one way of extending the battery life.

1. The life of a battery may be shortened after many recharges.

The battery life is related to the number of recharges.

Battery life is generally shortened to 80% of its initial value after 300–500 recharges.

Lithium secondary batteries mostly used in electronic products such as phones and notebook PCs have fast increasing internal resistance and may cause slowing down of chemical reaction and recharging after 300 recharges.

It is better to change the battery when its life has been shortend.

In the same way that the primary battery and 1.5 V battery should be disposed after it is used once, the lithium ion battery also has a lifespan after which it must be replaced with a new one.

2. The performance of a battery may deteriorate due to natural discharge after being idle for a long time.

If a battery is idle at a voltage lower than a specific level, it is slowly discharged until it is completely discharged.

Recharge the battery first before letting it idle for a long time.

An idle battery must be recharged at least every three months.

It is recommended to store a battery at 10–30 degrees Celsius.

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