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Guideline when the picture is dark

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  • Last Updated 15/06/2016

Guideline when the picture is dark


The picture is dark.



There may be something wrong with the settings or the product has defect.  


How to fix

Non-Smart TV

Check if the lamp mode is ‘Standard’. (The brightness differ depending on the lamp mode.)
If the projector provides a feature of ‘White adjustment’, set the value high.

(For the brighter video, change it to higher value. For the better image quality, change it to lower value. .)
Try to change the Picture Mode. You can find the optimal Picture Mode for each video. (Refer to the manual.)

※ How to adjust the picture color

Lamp Mode (brightness)
You can choose between Standard <->Power saving depending on the model.
      Or you can choose Presentation <-> Standard <-> Power saving.

White adjustment (if applicable)

* Depending on the OSD type and model, this feature may be provided. 

Picture Mode
* There are Vivid / Standard / Movie / Sports / Game mode. 

There may be differences depending on the OSD type and model.

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