An illustration of people watching LG OLED in a natural and flourishing green space with flowers, birds, and an ocean view.


Display with a vision for a sustainable future

Our mission

Better life for all

Our efforts to provide smart life solution for everyone make a better planet.


Greener tomorrow

We're playing our part from manufacturing right through to disposal with green product design, eco packaging, energy-efficient usage, waste recovery, and recycling.

An illustration of the LG OLED's eco-friendly product life cycle shows fewer display panels compared to LED, eco-friendly packaging, low carbon emissions, and a green recycling process.

Efficient use of resources

LG OLED products are SGS certified1 for Hazardous substance reduction and Material / Energy / Recycling efficiency.

Reduced carbon emissions

LG OLED's G3 and C3 are certified1 by the Carbon Trust, so you can be confident of the carbon footprint of this product.

Made of recycle materials

LG OLED's G3 and C3 are certified by Intertek for containing 30% recycled material the rear cover.

*The above content and certification refer to 65C3 and may vary by model.
**All Z3, G3, C3, B3 and A3 models are certified "Eco Product".
***The "Reducing CO2" footprint label applies to 77/65/55/48/42C3. All G3 & 83C3 models features a "CO2 Measured" label.

****The “Recycled Content” label applies to all G3 & C3 models.

Green life cycle

The circle of life with LG OLED

LG OLED is designed to put less impact on the environment from production to disposal. The displays feature predominantly metal casing and have no backlight or hazardous substances like Cd and InP. Your TV arrives in a recyclable cardboard box and produces reduced carbon emissions as you watch. When it's time to part, high recycling efficiency minimizes carbon emissions during disposal, making 2023 LG OLED TVs gentle on the planet throughout their lifecycle.

Eco Packaging

Packed for the planet

When you receive your LG OLED, it's housed in a recyclable cardboard box. All materials were thoughtfully chosen for their environmental credentials. Just look for the Eco Label!

An illustration of a nature-filled city created using LG OLED's eco-friendly packaging

An illustration of the LG OLED B3 and LG OLED evo C3 on scales depicting that the C3 model is 30% lighter

Composite fiber

Cutting back on the extra weight

By choosing light, composite fibers, the weight of LG OLED evo C3* is at least 30% less than other models. This results in fewer carbon emissions during transportation and easier recycling after the many years it serves you.

*65C3 measured without a stand.

webOS23 Accessibility

Making everyone part of the picture

Sign language zoom

See the right sign

Zoom in on the Sign Language broadcast to make sure you catch every detail of whatever you're watching.

*Screen images simulated.

Enjoy TV sound together

Sounds good to everyone

Set the volume of your Bluetooth hearing device without affecting the TV, so everyone can listen how they like.


An illustration of two people watching a musical performance on LG OLED. The boy is wearing headphones with the volume up high. The woman is listening from the TV speakers with the volume down low.

An image of LG OLED's UX with accessibility features open on the left hand side of the screen.

Accessibility menu

The simple path to settings

Make the menu even easier to locate. Dive straight into the Accessibility Features shortcut and change settings any time.

An illustration of the remote control with colored icons explaining each button's function.

Learn remote control

Take control of the remote

Get to know your remote control's features and button locations, so the next time you want to turn up the volume, it'll be like muscle memory.


Care for your eyes

Care for your eyes with kinder television

TUV Rheinland Eyesafe Display logo, Flicker-free Display logo, Discomfort GlareFree logo

Low blue light

Screentime made clean

Watch entertainment with the optimum picture and least pressure1 on your eyes. LG OLED omits only a small, non-harmful amount of blue light*. So even after a blissful lazy Sunday in front of the TV, eyes feel fresh.

*LG OLED TV panels have been certified as low-blue light displays by TUV-Eyesafe®.

Flicker free

Entertainment made comfortable

Screen flickers aren't just annoying. They tire our eyes when exposed for too long — even if practically invisible. LG OLED cares for your eyes with Flicker Free* verification2,3,4 from UL.

*LG OLED TV panels have been verified as Flicker Free by UL.

Discomfort glare free

Less glare in every light

LG OLED televisions are proudly the industry's first to receive Discomfort Glare Free verification*5,6. No matter how dark or bright your environment, the display panels produce moderate luminance for a more comfortable view7.

*LG OLED TV panels have been verified as Discomfort Glare Free by UL.


The planet's good with LG innovations for a bright tomorrow

LG's ESG initiatives are recognized by the world's leading global sustainability indexes.

MSCI ESG logo, FTSE4Good logo, 2020 Eco Vadis logo

1. Low blue light comparison made between LG LED TVs and LG OLED TVs.
2. The results of the flicker-free certificaiton are related to OLED panel tests. The comparison was made between LG LED TVs and LG OLED TVs.
3. Shooting conditions: 120Hz display for both OLED and LED, default picture setting / shutter speed : 50FPS 120°.
4. The results may vary depending on the shooting and playback conditions.
5. Results are based on the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) evaluation method.
6. Verification is issued when UGR is less than 22 when watching TV between 70 lux and 300 lux.
7. Compared with LG LED TVs.