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Do you own a piece of clothing that holds a piece of your history?
Watch a few of the charming stories held in our clothes unfold in the videos below.

The Hand-me-down

Our stories lie within these clothes PLAY

The Love that Lasts

Our stories lie within these clothes PLAY

The Stories We Wear

Our stories lie within these clothes PLAY

The Hand-me-downOur stories lie within these clothes


The Love that LastsOur stories lie within these clothes


The Stories We WearOur stories lie within these clothes


Making sustainable choices in what we wear

Every second, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill. 1)

With the aim of meeting 'responsible consumption and production' targets set out in Goal #12 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, LG started the #CareForWhatYouWear campaign in 2020 to support responsible clothing care habits and curb waste.

Because the most sustainable garments are the ones you already own, properly maintaining your clothes using fabric protecting features can make your everyday more sustainable.

Watch 2020 LG Clothing Care campaign
Image of a father and a child making a doll out of discarded cloth.
Image of her trying on the reformed pants.
Image of reforming the pants.
Image of a moodboard and neatly stacked rolled-up organic fabrics next to eachother.

Responsible Consumption & Production

Background image of the area that dirty and deformed t-shirt is on the ground.

Background image of the area that dirty and deformed t-shirt is on the ground.

Inside a Sustainable Clothing Life

Hear from sustainable fashion enthusiasts about the clothes they cherish and how to keep them longer

Stories Binky Wears
"There are so many wonderful memories we have with our clothes and it’s really important to #CareForWhatYouWear.

My top tip - store those summer dresses and swimwear somewhere warm and dry when it comes to the colder months for more storage space and to avoid ruin."
Stories Patricia Bright Wears
"I actually don’t play when it comes to my good clothes, I need them to last because they are an investment! One of my top tips for making whites look whiter is to put in a little dish soap in the drum, trust me, they will sparkle!"
Stories Perri Edwards Wears
"One small action such as washing your clothes at 30 degrees can help your clothes last longer. Bigger washing machine capacity reduces water consumption."
Stories Josie London Wears
"Something I am always talking about across my channels is buying less but buying better and looking after the clothes in your wardrobe. By washing less, freshening between wears and less trips to the dry cleaner, it’s kinder to the environment and kinder to your clothes."

Sustainable Clothing Tips

Wondering how to take care of your clothes better? Here’s how to better care for your cherished clothes.

* The tips offered are intended as entertainment. The participant is solely responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of acting on the information given.

My Cherished Clothes

What beautiful memories hang in your wardrobe?
Share your favourite memory tied to an outfit and check out the other wonderful stories shared by everyone.

  • Hand tailored suit from our trip to Italy
  • @
  • Dad’s back when he used to write graffiti
  • Mum’s favourite Dino top she used to wear 32 years ago
  • @
  • The “lucky catch” shirt on our fishing trip
  • The “lucky catch” shirt on our fishing trip
  • Jacket high school crush said I looked cute in
  • @
  • Still wearing our favourite date outfits since 1988

Meet the LG Clothing Care Solution Appliances

How we care for our clothes directly impacts the environment.
LG’s innovative clothing care technology helps your clothes last longer, helping reduce garment waste for a better tomorrow.

Fabric Protection
Extend the life of your clothing with 18% more fabric protection by AI DD Deep-learning technology1)


Energy Saving
Cut your laundry time down to 39 minutes and save up to 28% more energy with TurboWash3602)


Reduce Water Consumption
Bigger washing capacity reduces water consumption3)


Laundry with One Less Step
ezDispense automatically dispenses just the right amount of detergent needed for your laundry with no waste, giving you one less thing to worry about.4)


Fabric Protection
Protect your clothes from damage with low temperature heat pump technology


Save energy
Save money and the planet with energy-efficient DUAL Inverter Heat Pump dryer.1)
Minimize Environmental Impact
World's first dryer certified as a TUV Green product, recognizing our efforts to minimize environmental impact1)
Hygiene Care
Kill 99.9% bacteria and dust as fine as hair with Allergy Care program and Dual Filter2)
Fabric Protection from Drying Process
Dry delicates like lingerie and sweaters faster than air drying with low-temperature heat pump drying system


Less Detergent & Chemical Use
The high-temperature steam uses pure water - refreshing clothes without harsh chemicals or soaps often left by traditional dry cleaning.1)


Hygienic Care
TrueSteam kills 99.9% of bacteria, sanitizing fabrics that are hard to wash at home.1)

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