In a world full of trends, what defines a classic?
Learn how to age with the clothes you love with LG clothing care solutions.
Watch a video of classic outfits and ways to wear your clothes longer.

Making sustainable choices in what we wear

Mindful Wearing is all about making sustainable choices in what we wear by extending the lifespan of clothes.


With the aim of meeting 'responsible consumption and production' targets set out in Goal #12 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, LG started the #CareForWhatYouWear campaign in 2020 to support responsible clothing care habits and curb waste.


Anyone can be part of the #CareForWhatYouWear campaign by mindfully caring for your clothes, reforming the clothes you wear, buying vintage clothes, and even trying on dresses from the 1950s at a thrift shop.

Mindful Wearing team


Introducing LG's Mindful Wearing team with fashion tips that will help you make sustainable choices and stay stylish. Take your first steps towards a brighter future for our planet by caring for what you wear.

One Outfit a Week Styling

My #MindfulWearing Tip is to invest in and own timeless pieces that will last longer. You'll see the true versatility of wardrobe classics - can often be re-worn and styled in a variety of ways.

Secondhand Vintage Runway

When it comes to fashionable and classic pieces, my mindful wearing tip is to consider shopping secondhand. Shopping preloved pieces is one way to lower costs and reduce the footprint of our wardrobe.

Old Outfits of The Day

More often than not, the pieces you need are in your own wardrobe already (or your Dad's Mum's Nana's etc.)! Let’s keep re-wearing, caring for and sharing our clothes.

Reform Hacks

LG's "Care For What You Wear," has always provided the best solutions for our clothing: let's give a hand too by trying to use and reuse garments like these 3 super trendy solutions for shirt wearing.

Women using the washing machine to care for her clothes.


Freshen up your clothes with LG's cutting-edge technology that makes your clothes last longer.1)

Teenager drying his pants to hang out with his friends.


Take care of your delicate clothes with LG dryer to minimize shrinkage.

Woman taking her jacket from the Styler to go for work.


Refresh your delicate clothes with LG Styler without using chemicals and detergent

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