Discover how to update your space and make each day easier with connected devices.

  • Connected devices use sophisticated technology to collect data and interact with one another wirelessly through the internet
  • Save time and ease your stress levels by syncing your phone with smart home devices
  • Update your home to look sleek and stylish with wireless, hands-free connectivity
  • Connected devices can reduce energy consumption, measure usage and even save you money

Not long ago, the idea of controlling appliances in your home with the touch of a button seemed like something out of a sci-fi novel. Now you can search for TV shows, restock the fridge and clean the house with a tap of your smartphone.

With so many smart gadgets on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. So read on to discover how connected devices can improve your life in a few simple steps.

What are connected devices?

Connected devices are used throughout the home.
Connected devices are used throughout the home.

Smart home technology is more popular than ever, but how do these connected devices work?Well, this concept allows physical objects to interact with each other through an internet connection. Using integrated chips, software and sensors, these gadgets collect data that can be shared with other connected devices.

This technology was initially used in computing hardware and smartphones. But connected devices now include household products such as smart speakers, televisions, virtual assistants, lights and even climate control systems.

Smart refrigerators are connected devices.
Smart refrigerators are connected devices.

Connect and save time with smart home technology

Time is a precious commodity, especially in a busy household. Whether you’re cleaning the house, checking which groceries you need or simply manually turning on appliances—you can sometimes feel as though there isn’t enough time in the day.

With connected devices, you can remotely brew a pot of coffee or view the contents of your fridge. What’s more, you can plan ahead and stay organised using your smartphone as a centralised hub.

Connected devices create a smart home with style

As well as saving you time and simplifying your life, stylish and compact connected devices can give your abode a modern edge.

Get a sleek, minimal look with wirelessly connected devices

How many devices connect to the internet in your home? Thanks to wireless connectivity, you can create a seamless network without the need for cumbersome cables. Connected devices can sync together from anywhere in the home.

For example, you can link a pair of Bluetooth speakers to control the ambience of any room. With this wireless freedom, you can craft a personalised environment and aesthetic with just your smartphone.

A portable Bluetooth speaker syncs with other connected devices.
A portable Bluetooth speaker syncs with other connected devices.

Sync with a smart assistant to simplify your routine

Having connected devices will also make it feel like you have your very own assistant. In fact, you’ll have no excuses for missing your favourite TV show or forgetting something from your food shop. You can easily pair your smartphone with any number of devices that connect to the internet.

Simply use voice commands through Alexa or Google Home to schedule a wake-up coffee, get live laundry updates, start a dishwasher cycle or create a custom playlist for any mood.

Watch or listen anywhere with Bluetooth

Settle in on the sofa and use connected devices to unwind. You can program the settings on your smart TV, browse through your favourite streaming services and personalise your audio preferences with a wireless soundbar.

Bluetooth connectivity makes it simple to wirelessly connect multiple devices. So creating the ultimate home entertainment centre has never been easier. 

Monitor your device usage and energy consumption

Connected devices can also monitor your energy consumption. Many of us are guilty of forgetting to turn off the lights, air conditioning or TV before we leave the house. This leads to us wasting resources and, most importantly, money.

Certain connected devices can send you notifications if they have been left on whilst not in use. You can also check how much energy is being consumed at any given time. 

There is no doubt that smart home technology is a must-have for anyone who wants to upgrade their abode. Connected devices are a small way to make a major impact at home.

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