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Dynasties: David Attenborough’s newest 4K excursion.


Dynasties: David Attenborough’s newest 4K excursion.

David Attenborough brought us the genre-defining Planet Earth series and the culture-changing Blue Planet II, now David Attenborough is back with perhaps his most ambitious project yet.

Dynasties, David Attenborough’s newest venture, is the landmark BBC nature documentary of 2018, and it’ll be available in stunning detail on your 4K Ultra HD LG TV through the iPlayer app. The BBC has over the past year or so been trialling 4K UHD content, and Dynasties is the latest development in the broadcaster’s 4K journey.

What is Dynasties?


Dynasties is a new five-part nature documentary series from the BBC, narrated by the godfather of natural history television; David Attenborough. Airing later this year, each episode follows the day-to-day lives of five vastly different species:


                . Chimpanzees

                . Emperor penguins

                . Hunting dogs

                . Lions

                . Tigers


The series follows them at the most critical point of their lives – the beginning of parenthood. Follow the struggles and perils each species encounters when looking to nurture their offspring as they strive to create their own dynasty.


Dynasties will shed further light on environmental and humanity issues affecting these animals – drawing parallels with Attenborough’s recent productions. It’s sure to be a gripping spectacle.

Dynasties: David Attenborough’s newest 4K excursion.

The BBC and 4K


The BBC has been experimenting with 4K content for some time. Planet Earth II was shot in 4K HDR, and a four-minute clip of that footage was shared on the BBC iPlayer back in 2016. With increased frequency and depth of colours on-screen, the clip showed-off the true capabilities of 4K HDR TVs.


"One of the clips is a frog on a leaf with lots of rain, and the reason this is so interesting is that the redness of the frog is a really deep Ferrari red that you would never get in broadcast television at the moment," explained Phil Layton, head of broadcast and connected systems at BBC Research & Development.


Read more about the Planet Earth II 4K trial

What is HDR?


The frog was able to be rendered so brightly thanks to HDR?


Simply put, it is a technology that works alongside 4K to make pixels better. HDR vastly increases your TV’s dynamic range – the difference between the brightest and darkest images it can create, so you get richly detailed shadows and sunlight reflecting off car bonnets, providing the images on your screen with 3D realism as though they’ve come to life. With HDR, colours are also vastly increased, with nuanced shades previously impossible to recreate on a TV.

Dynasties: David Attenborough’s newest 4K excursion.

Fast-forward to 2018 and we have Dynasties available in 4K HDR on the iPlayer. But to see HDR at its best you need a TV that’s compatible with Hybrid Log-Gamma. ‘What is Hybrid Log-Gamma’ you may be asking?


It’s a new HDR viewing standard jointly developed by the BBC and Japanese broadcaster; NHK. It has already been adopted on many channels such as iPlayer, YouTube and Freeview Play.

How to experience Dynasties with LG


Experience the wonders of the environment when Dynasties airs in 4K on BBC iPlayer thanks to the Hybrid Log-Gamma compatibility of the latest LG TVs. Soak up the minute details, from the droplets splashing from the penguins as they dive into the water to the thick greenery moving with no motion blur as chimpanzees swing from tree to tree.


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