The speakers ‘performed’ to a crowd at the historic City Varieties in Leeds. Music pre-recorded with the Leeds College of Music was played through the LG speakers – activated by the voice control of Google Assistant.

LG’s XBOOM AI ThinQ speaker was the star of the show, with a Leeds College of Music spokesperson saying he was ‘blown away’ by their performance.

What is the XBOOM AI ThinQ speaker?

The XBOOM AI ThinQ is a portable wireless smart speaker that connects to your Wi-Fi and your phone. Using built-in Google Assistant voice control, it can help you organise your busy lifestyle – as well as delivering music that sounds incredible. We conducted the AI orchestra to showcase these benefits.

How did we do it?

We began by recruiting our 25 magnificent musicians from Leeds College of Music – each specialising in a different instrument that would form part of the orchestra.

Working closely with them, we individually recorded their instruments for two specially-composed songs. We attributed each of the 25 recordings to its own designated speaker.

The reason? So we could play individual instruments in isolation, streaming each individual recording using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to a separate speaker – via an LG smartphone.

“We were really excited to have the opportunity to partner with LG on this project … it was so interesting to see the process of how the show came to life, from recording both songs, to setting up the speakers and ensuring they all came together seamlessly.”

James Warrender, enterprise manager at Leeds College of Music

 Music professional ‘blown away’ by speakers

Finally, after much preparation and rehearsals, it was showtime. Our 25 speakers were kitted out in stylish bowties and placed on plinths at the historic listed building.

As the curtain raised, the conductor began voice commanding his wireless speaker orchestra – controlling each speaker individually. The speakers each played their part beautifully.

“I was blown away by the final result,” said Leeds College of Music’s James Warrender. 

“I thought the LG XBOOM AI ThinQ Smart Speakers did our musician’s beautiful work proud. It’s such a unique concept for a campaign, and it has been fantastic for the whole team to work on.”


The LG XBOOM AI ThinQ speaker – find out more

We organised the orchestra to showcase the main benefits of the speaker: audio quality and voice control. Built with Meridian Audio expertise, its pitch-perfect sound has been engineered for optimum audio performance. Enhanced Bass Alignment provides deeper sounds, where instruments sound as crisp as they would in real life. Clear Vocal technology enhances vocalists’ voices, whatever the genre – without distortion.

Google Assistant, as you have seen with the orchestra, makes control easy. Simply say ‘OK, Google…’ then tell the speaker what you want to do or hear. Stream your favourite album on Spotify simply by asking, or stay organised by adding events to your calendar.

Or maybe, try to conduct your own AI orchestra.

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