LG CES 2018 - When today becomes the future. | LG EXPERIENCE

Imagine waking up, asking an assistant for your schedule, telling the TV to go to your favourite channel as the temperature of your home conveniently changes as you saunter into the living room. You hungrily inch toward your fridge which already suggests a menu and recipe you can whip up for breakfast.

It's still a bit dark out, so you tell the TV, "Let there be light." The air is also slightly stuffy, so you order the TV to purify the air, which activates the purifier. There was one more thing you had to do... Ah yes, you put the clothes in the laundry last night but it was late and you forgot. Well, just notify the TV and your clothes will soon be spotless.

Sound like some futuristic science fiction film starring your favourite actor? Actually, this has now become reality, and you could be the one starring in it. People wanting to get a glimpse of this futuristic reality can check out CES 2018.

The CES will showcase this visionary new line of ThinQ brand home appliances, consumer electronics, and services that utilize artificial intelligence. The products range from washers, refrigerators, to TVs, air conditioners, automotive cabin monitoring systems, and many more premium electronic offerings.

What empowers all ThinQ AI products is LG's proprietary AI development platform Deep ThinQ, which has deep learning capabilities to intelligently evolve and adapt to the needs of the consumer. So if you have a favourite spot in the living room to cool down, or you have a favourite show you watch at a certain time, ThinQ products will be able to anticipate and automatically execute these tasks for your convenience.

But how does one explain commanding the TV to turn on the washer or the air purifier? Short answer: The Internet of Things(IoT). IoT is a network of devices with internet or Bluetooth connectivity that allows devices to communicate and exchange information. As this data of our preferences and inclinations become honed and refined on a cloud, so too do these devices become fine-tuned to cater to our specific wants and needs.

LG is blazing the trail of this smart home movement and putting all its energy into making the products work for you. Less time and hassle studying instruction manuals, more time to enjoy your home and live life. If you wanted a sneak peek at this enticing future, CES 2018 was the place to be.

The audience that caught the presentation ranging from AI robotics, AI integrated OLED TVs, smart refrigerators, game-changing α (Alpha) 9 processor for LG's OLED TVs and service-based robots briefly saw into the future. A very important aspect of this presentation was LG's approach to IoT compatibility devices that are not made by LG. By embracing the openness of platforms, functionality, and compatibility with other non-LG devices and not forcing proprietary devices and software, LG fully demonstrates the respect for consumer autonomy.

For those looking for a more up close and personal look at these innovative products need to look no further than LG's CES booth adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention center. One of the first things that will immediately catch your eyes is the stunning, winding, and immersive "LG OLED Canyon." Perhaps even more impressive than the incredible OLED tunnel of last year, this 92 feet long installation of 246 open frame OLED displays in both convex and concave configurations will simply blow your mind.

When you emerge from that hypnotic canyon there is still an LG home with every imaginable appliance and devices to discover! Walk into the ThinQ studio and envision a living space with the trappings of ThinQ products. Home smart home. Want a more detailed look at how each living space can become smarter? Enter the ThinQ living room, kitchen, laundry room and more.

Still looking for more? Turn around and explore booths with the cutting edge V30s or marvel at the beautiful Nano Cell TVs from a variety of wide viewing angles. Everywhere you turn, the LG products on display will not cease to amaze and delight you. Your future is waiting. Are you ready?

Life's good!

*ThinQ products launch may vary by country.