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Epic, awe inspiring, astonishing, remarkable, grand, stunning, mind-blowing are some of the many words to describe this amazing display. Feast your eyes on LG´s OLED tunnel—you truly need to be there to know how beautiful this masterpiece is. Tough way to start an article, but let us try to convey the message by telling you about its spectacular specs!

LG is proud to present the award-winning OLED tunnel once again at IFA! People at CES 2017 Exhibitor magazine ranks the display as the most remarkable exhibits from the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show and we’re on their impressive list. So we did it again!

By repeating our presence at IFA, we underscore that we are the leader in OLED technology. We have the opportunity to enhance the experience by introducing the Dolby Atmos® Sound technology to the OLED Tunnel. The specifications of this year’s tunnel are exactly the same as last year’s, with the exception of the introduction of the Dolby Atmos® sound.  The size and length of the tunnel have been decided so that it can fit our IFA booth nicely, with a 15 meter walkway and 216 of 55 inch curved displays, it has been optimized and customized for our IFA booth entrance. The displays are highly flexible lightweight panels that can be custom bent to concave or convex formations without any picture quality loss. Imagine that.

This year’s experience will be music to your ears! With the adoption of Dolby Atmos® Sound to our tunnel at the beginning of the year, we created 2 brand new visual experiences to again, showcase the Dolby Atmos® sound. We bring to you; Hatch and the Manta ray scenes. Dolby and LG are working together to bring this unforgettable experience to you: Dolby mixes the sound sources and redesigns the sound into Dolby Atmos® so that the audience can experience utmost 360 surround sound, as well as object-based sound inside the tunnel. There are 30 speaker systems installed in the tunnel, 10 of which are just for Dolby Atmos® sound creation.

So imagine walking through fascinating scenarios of crisp images of an incredible underwater world with the hypnotising undulations of Jelly Fish or a huge Manta Ray seemingly hovering just above your head. Even space is reachable here. You will forget the world outside with the Nebula, countless Stars and a vertiginous black hole presented to you in a limitless contrast and the deepest black. Words are not enough to describe the deep ocean and magical space experiences inside the OLED Tunnel, unveiled thanks to self-lighting pixels that bring colours to life with superb accuracy, spread through an improbably wide viewing angle.

Stay tuned for the OLED Tunnel sketch and time-lapse videos

For all those who can’t join LG at the IFA, here’s a sneak peek of what it feels like to walk through the LG OLED Tunnel:

There are many other installations like this around the world. For instance, at the Dubai mall Aquarium and also the OLED landmark at Ambiance Mall in India. Prepare to be amazed!

To sum things up, OLED is artistic space beyond display. Even beyond imagination.

Stay tuned for the OLED Tunnel sketch and time-lapse videos.

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