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In the world of smartphones sometimes less is more. This sentiment rings particularly true when it comes to bezels. Decreasing this dead space on precious screen real estate has been a single-minded mission of every manufacturer the past few years. While most companies have poured all their effort into outfitting their top of the line flagship phone with this feature, LG has also been attentive to the needs of the full range of their customers. 

Enter the LG Q6: the first mid-range smartphone flaunting a full screen and virtually no bezel. This sleek and chic design comes fully equipped with the latest IPS Full HD and FullVision display that features an 18:9 screen. At 5.5” this compact phone packs a whole lot of screen on a very elegant and futuristic phone that is usually reserved for the lavish top of the line phones.

This means more screen for an enhanced gaming, watching and browsing experience. However, this phone is not only agreeable to the eyes but also fits comfortably in one hand. With convenience and comfort in mind, the slimmer 69.3mm width design enables effortless one-handed maneuverability. Annoying accidental touching of the screen is old news with this very thoughtful and user-friendly design.

To fully cap off the complete tactile experience, exquisite rounded corners dovetails sublimely with the corners of the screen. All this without the obtrusive camera bump! The ergonomically designed Q6 deserves to be touched as much as it deserves to be seen. The solid yet lightweight metallic body is made of extremely robust 7000 series aluminum used extensively in the aerospace industries1.

Yes, this phone is not only a feast for the senses but a Military Standard 810G certified dynamo2. This device impressively withstood a whole array of battery tests including heat, penetration and shock conditions more demanding than that of international protocols. Beauty, say hello to brawn.  

This modern smartphone design, incredible full frame screen, one-hand friendly military grade toughness2, could there be possibly more? Of course! LG has a lasting legacy in delivering exceptional optics and the Q6 continues that tradition.

May the uncouth and uncomfortable selfie stick rest in peace. The need for a group photo masterfully composed and taken as a selfie is understandable. But why carry around a saber-like weapon that irritates others while simultaneously bringing unwanted attention to yourself? With the 100-degree wide angle selfie camera, all you need is the chic LG Q6 and one functioning arm to fit everyone into that perfect selfie.

Group of friends taking selfie with new lg q6 with its wide angle selfie feature.
Group of friends taking selfie with new lg q6 with its wide angle selfie feature.

Want to turn that camera around and start taking pictures of fascinating subjects? The 13 megapixel f/2.2 camera produces clear social media ready images to delight your audience In addition, the LG UX 6.0 allows for a fun and creative way to take and collage pictures. The Square camera mode utilizes the Snap Shot, Grid Shot, Guide Shot and Match Shot options and makes taking unique and dynamic pictures a breeze.

Such generous camera features are quite unprecedented on a mid-range Smartphone such as the LG Q6. Yet there is still more. Your face is no longer just a source of pride and joy to your momma, but is also now a key! That’s right LG’s proprietary Face Recognition3 feature unlocks your Q6 without the hassle of having to type, swipe or retype your password.

The LG Q6 has answered the call of the full range of customers to jam pack premium and innovative technology in an attractively priced smartphone. It is a beautiful blend of form and function. It looks splendid to the eyes, sits comfortably in one hand and keeps your pockets full. Anyone looking for premium features offered at mid-range prices: the search is over.

Life’s good!

1. See safety and warranty guide for proper use.
2. Conducted by MET Laboratories Inc in July 2017 LG Q6 passed 12 US Military grade standards, users are advised to see safety and warranty guide for proper use.
3. A pin, password, pattern or knock-code is still required to be setup on the Q6 as backup.
4. Only the Astro Black and Ice platinum devices are available in the UK.