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Key Features

  • Nano Cell Display
  • Full Array Local Dimming Pro
  • α7 Intelligent Processor
  • Cinema HDR
  • AI TV
  • Dolby Atmos

available sizes:


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Listen. Think. Answer.


Vivid 4K Viewing with Deeper Blacks

IPS 4K Nano Cell technology allows for consistent pixel placement one nanometre apart, now with Full Array Local Dimming Pro for improved black levels
- this is real LED Innovation.


Precise Nano-Cell™
Colour Performance

Advanced nano-engineering allows for uniform colour volume and outstanding picture quality, even at off centre angles. Pixel placement is precise and consistent
- just like the colours they produce.

Learn more about Nano Cell Display


The accuracy and precision of Nano Cell technology lets you can see every subtle gradation and previouly hidden aspect of your TV picture.


Vivid 4K Viewing from Any Angle

LG SUPER UHD TV shows accurate color even at off centre angles. It maintains precise colour and allows everyone to enjoy the magnificent picture no matter where they sit.


Darker Details from Full Array Local Dimming Pro

Full Array Local Dimming Pro gives more light control to your TV providing a deeper contrast range and brighter whites.

Learn more about Full Array Dimming Pro


Full Array Local Dimming Pro positions LED backlights behind the entire screen so there is more precise control of light and dark areas of the picture. It renders deeper blacks without loss of shadow details, resulting in enhanced contrast.


A New Brain, α7 Intelligent Processor

α7 Intelligent Processor, optimized for LG SUPER UHD TV. LG TV's exclusive processing allows for the premium image quality of LED TV bringing a clearer and brighter viewing experience.

Learn more about α7 Intelligent Processor


Dual-step noise reduction

α7 intelligent processor’s precise noise reduction process reduces grain and
banding noise for clearer images. It improves clarity and smoothness of pictures.


Active depth enhancer

α7 intelligent processor’s unique image enhancer analyzes the image to boost contrast ratio. By separating the object areas from the background of the image, it adds depth to the image.


True color accuracy

α7 intelligent processor has a wide colour spectrum to display more accurate and richer colours. It works to minimize colour distortion allowing you to enjoy a picture closer to the original colours.

4K Cinema HDR, delivering the filmmaker's vision

4K Cinema HDR, delivering the filmmaker's vision

LG’s 4K Cinema HDR delivers the filmmaker’s vision by supporting most HDR formats. Enjoy a truly cinematic experience at home with Dolby Vision™ and Advanced HDR by Technicolor, as well as HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro.

Learn more about Cinema HDR


Dramatic Imaging with Dolby Vision™

With advanced image enhancement and scene by scene optimisation
you will see there is more to the HDR story with Dolby Vision™.


Technicolor - Hollywood Colour Expertise in Your Home

Technicolor are experts in professional colour, their studios master over 80 of Hollywood films. Now you can see their true vision for film colour with HDR by Technicolor.


The Ultimate HDR 4K Picture

Active HDR provides scene by scene image mastering, delivering pinpoint picture reproduction,
lifting HDR10 and HLG content to higher levels. LG's proprietary algorithm applies dynamic tone mapping and brings more depth and detail to HDR content.


*HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro is LG’s own proprietary HDR solution which process HDR signal dynamically frame by frame using enhanced dynamic tone mapping.


Dolby Atmos®
Cinematic Sound at Home

Dolby Atmos lifts your surround sound to new heights using an object based sound output to create impactful and immersive sound. Coupled with Dolby Vision this is the full cinema experience in your lounge.

Learn more about Dolby Atmos


The next step in audio immersion. Dolby Atmos moves in a three-dimensional space, allowing for a more realistic recreation of audio entertainment. Get inside extraordinary sound.


* Dolby Atmos and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Dolby Vision is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories.


Smooth and fast 4K HDR gaming

LG SUPER UHD TV gives you exceptional gaming performance with super-fast response to the action. It also supports 4K HDR games providing a cinematic image for full immersion. Dolby Atmos to create powerful and moving audio, completes your gaming experience.


The World As Your Gallery

See the Wonders of the World with Gallery Mode on LG Super UHD TV. Enjoy stunning images and artwork from around the globe, without leaving your lounge.
With a simple voice command or press of a button you will see and feel the incredible beauty of nature and art.

Learn more about Gallery Mode


New series of dramatic scenery keep comes to you

The scenery of world-famous places, updated for every season, makes the everyday journey a reality. Experience beautiful vistas in your space, as recommended by TripAdvisor!


Add a touch of class to your daily life

From photography of popular and spectacular travel attractions to world-renowned artwork, Gallery Mode provides a great selection of beautiful images.
The picture accompanied by music creates an perfect atmosphere that suits your mood.


Access the world with the word

With LG Gallery Mode, you can easily access to stunningly beautiful picture collections and you can even find the pictures are coming with music – either LG’s choice or your own music.
Now, just say

“Show me cool summer in Gallery”


*The images are based on the usage of wall-mount.
*The gap measured from rear end of the TV may differ based on the installation and wall type.
*The actual product may differ from image shown.


Super UHD Design
- Elegance and Quality

Stunning designs with minimal bezel and high quality materials that compliment any room. An elegant and modern take on TV design.


Richer Sound for Your TV

AI TV (Artificial Intelligence)
Smart TV
Additional Feature
Broadcasting System
Weight (Kg)
Dimensions - WxHxD (mm)

What People Are Saying

Rated 5 out of 5 by from Excellent picture quality for this price! I bought this TV about year ago and I am really satisfied!
Date published: 2019-11-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Superior TV I purchased an amazing tv, once you set it up there is only one word to use WOW! The picture is crystal clear and sound quality from the television is much better than any rival manufacturer. Televisions of this size have very poor audio qualities, but LG have managed to provide quality audio.
Date published: 2019-04-26
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Incredible Value for Money Even on 4K, the input lag is lower than my old TV. And turn 4K off and play on 2K, the input lag is ridiculously impressive. Great value for money, and an amazing purchase.
Date published: 2019-02-05
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A grand tellevision of to grace any livingroom. Removal from Box to set up was a breeze. No problems found, plugged in HDMI leads from existing Sky box and DVD player, switched on power with the hand set and experimented use of control buttons. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to find my favourite programs USB flash drive recorded photos and videos. I can highly recommend this product by summing up with these words… Quality unlimited with exceptional picture, sound and ease of use features.
Date published: 2018-12-31
Rated 5 out of 5 by from its an amazing tv i have only received the tv a couple of days ago on the 28th december and have only watched it for a couple of hours and its gourgos and unbalievabley magnificant tv with amazing colour,tone and it is very bright images at is so good and amazing pictures but There is also a problem in dark scenes with bright light sources and i'm sure it is only a matter of tweaking the settings or lg making a firmware update. any way it is marvelous and i'm loving it, i just hope lg takes care of regular updates and firmware updates for a considerable amount of time as its not a mobile phone and they only get 2 years of support, i hope the television gets more since it is such an investment at £1400.00 pounds that it is a flagship led tv after all gor 2018... so all in all the tv is excellent and has great potential for new and amazing features and updates to it.................
Date published: 2018-12-30
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Stunning picture and design, but dimming issues I will start with what I was most excited to test: 4K HDR. With 4K HDR10 content, there is some blooming, especially with bright objects in dark scenes and I find the dimming zones have delay when there is a change in a scene, so if the camera is on one person, then changes to another with different lighting, the backlights take a moment to adjust. There is also a problem in dark scenes with bright light sources. For example, in Black Panther (spoiler alert), the 1st scene when T'Chaka confronts N'Jobu in his apartment, the scene is very dark with single light sources in view, there is a lot of blooming to the point where the whole region will brighten up. This is even more apparent when we see the young Erik playing basketball with his friends outside in a night scene. When T'chaka's aircraft glows and moves across the sky, the movement of the bright objects on dark backgrounds causes a lot of irregular illumination that doesn't quite make sense. One thing I am disappointed in is the HDR, I really thought it would solve the problem of shadows being too dark that you lose detail, but this still seems to be the case. When watching a scene with a large and dark shadow, the shadow is very black but if I crank up the brightness to maximum, you can see there is details in the shadow being lost. Having the brightness up this high all the time is not an option as it makes all the blacks turn to obvious greys and gives a haze to the overall picture. I thought this was the whole point of HDR, to make dark areas more detailed and light areas even brighter, maybe it’s a setting I have got wrong or not yet discovered. Day scenes however are beautifully rendered. The colours feel accurate and glorious, textures are detailed and sharp. In Planet Earth II, you can see every single strand of hair on the Sloths and the blue skies and crystal clear waters pop with colour and transparency. In a shot where a Leopard walks past the sun, it is almost uncomfortably blinding when the sun shines back through, just like if you were there! I have never seen this before. Reptile scales are superbly detailed, you can see the roughness and all the different colours and textures of each scale. In the eyes, you can see little varying pigment cells and imperfections. Sand grains look like gravel because you can see each and every grain magnified in crisp individual detail. I watched the scene several times because I couldn’t take in all the wonderful information in a single viewing and it was a pleasure to watch and keep discovering new things each time. 1080p movies look amazing too. It is sometimes very hard to tell the difference between a 1080p movie and 4k. This TV does a superb job of scaling the image and presenting it with accuracy, vibrant colour and contrast depth. One thing I hate about modern TV's is motion control. I have yet to see a TV do this right without making a movie look like a TV soap. In the scene where T'Challa returns to Wakanda in his ship the motion makes the ship look superimposed, it really reminded me of the original cut of Star Wars the Empire Strikes back when you see a tracking shot of Snow Speeders searching for Han and Luke. The ships wobble slightly, independently of the scene, showing the ships are layered on to the film and don't quite match the panning of the main camera. This was (thankfully) remedied by turning off motion control called ‘TruMotion’ on this TV which has 4 settings 'Clear', 'Smooth' and 'user' which allows you to vary the levels of judder reduction. Turning TruMotion off instantly produced the true movie framerate which gave the cinematic feel I want. The only time I have enjoyed the motion control was watching episode 1 of Planet Earth: Iguana vs Snakes (probably the best natural wildlife scene I have ever experienced) was enhanced by using the 'Smooth' motion control setting. The scene is very fast paced and has many fast tracking shots and pans. Trumotion helped make this scene easier on the eyes and gave the scene less judder and strobing. I am sure there are many other sources that will benefit from motion control, like sports and TV shows but for movies I have never found it beneficial and it always gets turned off. I am not a fan of TV speakers, they just don’t produce the kind of full sound I want and in the past I have found the treble too harsh and tinny. This LG TV's speakers are rather good! Not as full a sound as my Home theatre setup (but I wouldn't expect it) but very impressive for TV speakers. Trebles are crisp but not harsh, mids are present and not too supressed. Bass is the but not full and deep. This TV has Dolby Atmos but I did not find it gave a very good surround effect, maybe with the right Dolby Atmos source but the 2 Atmos programs I watched on Netflix (Altered Carbon and Star Trek Discovery) were not that impressive. Another clever feature of this TV is that it can calibrate the sound according to your environment, taking into account the nearby walls and space between you and the TV. It does this by using the remote control as a sound measuring tool. When you setup this feature it will ask you to sit in your optimal viewing place holding the remote and make sure the environment is as quiet as possible, it then performs some tests and calibrates the sound accordingly. You can then toggle a before and after sound test to hear which sounds better, when I did this I much preferred the calibrated sound, very clever. I like being able to control my cable box with the TV remote and my media player turns on and off when I select/deselect that input. The remote also brings up a pointer when you activate it on screen, like an air mouse. This is the best I have used and is very responsive, great for entering information using the onscreen keyboard. Web OS is fast and responsive, although the settings menu gets a loading icon for a a few seconds before appearing. This can be frustrating when you are tinkering, entering and exiting the menu to make a quick tweak. It would have been nice to have some assignable preset keys, with so many functions and settings, I would have liked to assign them to a button for quick activation. There are so many other features that I really like about this TV but too many to mention and yet to test. The LG SK9500 is a beautiful looking TV it is not the thinnest but they have cleverly made the back of the TV curved, which creates the illusion of a very thin panel where I want it most, (the sides) and gets bulkier in the middle to house all the tech and speakers. They have finished off the edge with a nice golden band. The frame around the actual panel is really thin and unobtrusive. The glass goes right to the edge so the only time you see the frames thickness is when the TV is on. The back of the TV is a brushed grey texture and the TV has a very overall modern style. The power button is hidden at the bottom of the screen in the middle, so is not a distraction or eyesore. This is a fantastic LED TV. The best I have seen at home (but I have not seen that many in my home) away from the shop floor and TV demo footage. Apart from the local dimming issues and some detail still getting lost in dark shadows when using HDR sources, everything else looks fantastic! I think this is the closest you will get to an OLED panel. New features like voice control, option to connect with Google Home or Alexa, the ThinQ AI are really impressive. The fact this TV has HDR10, HGL, Dolby Vision AND HDR by Technicolour (should it ever take off) and the ability to present Dolby Atmos soundtracks is brilliant and gives you hope for compatibility in the near future.
Date published: 2018-08-24
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