The logo of 5 year warranty for Z3. The logo of 5 year warranty for G3.

Confidence in craftsmanship

LG OLED's premium craftsmanship allows us to offer you a generous 5-year panel warranty.

*In the 1st - 3rd year of the warranty, panel, parts, and labor costs are covered. In the 4th - 5th year of the warranty, only panels are covered, and labor will be charged.

**5-year panel warranty covers 88Z3, 77Z3, 83G3, 77G3, 65G3 and 55G3.

The left side of the image shows a side view of LG OLED Z3 with Floor Stand. The right side shows LG OLED G3's Gallery Design.

Great cover for our best TVs

The 5 year panel warranty applies to every size of the 2023 SIGNATURE OLED 8K or 2023 OLED evo G3 TV ranges. The warranty doesn't cover commercial or abnormal use, and is only available to the original purchaser of the product when bought lawfully and used within the country of purchase. And don't worry if you have already bought one of the qualifying TV models - you're still covered; just enjoy your TV.

*The warranty covers 88Z3, 77Z3, 83G3, 77G3, 65G3 and 55G3.

Excellence, always evolving

LG OLED TVs have millions of self-lit pixels instead of backlights. Self-lit pixels emit their own light, and turn on and off to achieve perfect black, infinite contrast, and more accurate colour. They deliver a viewing experience like no other with stunning picture quality and detail, every time you watch.


An image of LG OLED G3 against a black backdrop showing a bright pink and purple abstract artwork.