LG Smart Laundry Lounge

Fit your Smart Laundry Lounge with LG's Commercial Laundry Equipment. With premium washers and dryers, LG designs all of its technology with thoughtful features. Learn more below.

Try More with LG

Try More with LG

LG offers the best space solutions to help your business succeed.

Smart Control, Smarter Business

LG Smart Solution is a Cloud service that connects businesses and machines to everyone from business owners to customers.

Smart Control


Introducing the New LG Smart Solution

Design Your Business Space

Design Your Business Space

Take your business to the next level with LG VR Simulator.

Exterior to Attract Customers

LG authorized signage and posters are available to maximize business visibility and to encourage customers to visit the laundromat.

Exterior to Attract Customers

Free Consulting through LG VR Simulator

The LG VR simulator defines the conditions and shapes of the space, and allows you to design the optimal laundromat layout. With 3D VR, you can envision your dream laundromat and even analyze your investment profitability.

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