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Слабое охлаждение в холодильнике камере

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Слабое охлаждение в холодильнике камере


Warm refrigerator, Weak refrigeration, Food spoils easily.


1.Check Ref.

① If doors are not closed properly, cool air will flow out and warm air will flow in, which may cause weak refrigeration.

② If there are too many items on the shelves or if they block the vent, air will not flow  and it may weaken the refrigeration system.

2. Check food

① If it hasn’t been long enough since you put the food or if you put very hot food, it increases the temperature inside and may cause the freezer to become warm. If you open the door too often in the warm weather, it will increase the inner temperature and food may not be cool.

3. Check surrounding

① If it is exposed to direct sunlight or located near gas stove, refrigeration may be weakened

② Under bad ventilation condition, refrigeration may be weakened.

③ If the ambient temperature is too high, it might affect the refrigerator. If it is installed in a cold environment, you might feel the temperature higher than normal since its differential is small.

4. Others

① It requires enough time to refrigerate for initial operation or after repair.

 How to fix

1. Check Ref.

① Refrain food items from being stuck, and shut the door tight.

② Organize the shelves and make sure not to block the vent.

2. Check food

① Depending on the amount of food, different time period is required to refrigerate. Before putting them in the ref., cool them down first.  If the ambient temperature is too high, refrain from opening doors too often.

3. Check surrounding

① Look around the refrigerator.

② Give some space around the refrigerator for good ventilation.

③ Ambient temperature must be between 5℃ ~ 35℃.  When it is installed in the cold environment, it may be just you feel it higher.  So unless the food goes bad, there is no problem.

4. Others

① If you turn on the power, it takes 1~2 hours for the cool air to circulate, but it may take 2~3days to have the optimal temperature  depending on the amount of food stored.

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