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Door Colors are defferent


Cooking Issues


Not Heating

 How to fix

Is the door closed completely?

The door must be shut for the unit to operate. If it is open, it will not run. Close the door and try to start the microwave. It is possible that the door latch is stuck. Check around latch and latch hole. If there is debris, remove it. Try opening and closing the door a few times consecutively to see if it releases. After doing this, try to operate the unit again.

Were the controls set properly to cook?

It is possible that the power level could have been set too low by mistake or that the timer was set. Press Stop/Clear and try to set the controls again. Refer to Owners Manual for specific model instructions on operation, including power levels. If the controls are not set properly, the unit may not heat.

One of the sensor cooking buttons was pressed when the temperature inside the oven was greater than 200F

These feature will not operate the oven is hot. The oven will automatically change to cook by time (follow the direction in the display) or once the oven is cool enough, the sensor feature will function normally)

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