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[Washing Machine] Ошибка - UE - №2

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UE Error 2



 If the load is too small or too large, (blanket, cotton cover, carpet, rug, sweater, pillow, too little amount of laundry and etc.)
center of mass is not balanced or appliance is tiled.  Evenly place the laundry inside and re-operate it.

Note : "UE“ error occurs when the laundry inside the tub is not evenly placed after the balancing process.
 Does not happen
during warm-up spin of washing and rinsing. It proceeds with the next process.

 Small but heavy materials, such as rug, carpet, and etc., are non-distributable things. In this case, spinning will not work.


How to wash

 ⊙ Drying function cannot be used when selecting blanket course

 ⊙ Never wash electric blanket and carpet (can damage washing machine and laundry)

 ⊙ Do not wash blanket and common clothes together.

     Otherwise, clothes and blanket will be separated and this can cause the appliance to be tilted.

 ⊙ Spin may take longer in order to balance blanket that is gathered to one side

 ⊙ Regardless of the size of blanket, washing it one by one is recommended for the better cleaning.

     Washing two blankets with different material may unbalance the tub and this will negatively affect spinning.

 ⊙ Do not roll blanket. Evenly place it and fill up to 80% of tub with laundry.



[Recommend less than 80%]





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