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"At LG, we want to promote the adoption of the Internet of Things and we do it by creating products connected without forgetting the LG mission, which is simply to make life easier for consumers. Therefore, LG Hombot Square Turbo, apart from connectivity, provides greater cleaning efficiency, saves time and reduces the physical stress associated with housework," said Miguel Angel Fernandez, Director of Marketing for B2B, HE and HA LG Spain." We are very proud to say that 97% of consumers prefer our product over the competition. This encourages us to design new gadgets with state-of-the-art technologies that incorporate features that enhance people's day-to-day lives."

The only vacuum cleaner with a video surveillance system

LG presents a state-of-the-art solution in robotic vacuuming: Hombot Square Turbo Series 12+ and 12, the only suction robots on the market that have a video surveillance system. In addition, the range comes with other devices that meet the latest technological proposals for cleaning and surveillance in the home, which carry on its identity, its unique square design, and improve the engine throughout the range. It also has an exclusive Smart Inverter engine with a 10-year warranty.

With the launch of the new LG Hombot Square Turbo, LG has relied on the independent market research institute Punto de Fuga, which carried out an external study to find out consumers' opinions concerning this category and to compare LG vacuum cleaner robot with those of the competition. The results are very compelling, 97% of respondents prefer the LG vacuum cleaner robots over the competition after conducting a blind test.

In addition to this study, interviews were conducted in the main Spanish cities and the main impulses for the purchasing of this category were the effectiveness of cleaning, ease of use, silence and product quality, which provide the confidence that the brand produces and the technology that it uses. And it is these four pillars where LG especially shines. In 95% of cases, consumers prefer the cleaning efficiency of Hombot Square Turbo, and its technology is preferred by 97% of consumers. As for cleaning in corners, the LG device is also the one chosen in 93% of cases and its low sound level is the aspect selected by 95%. 

On the other hand, the study ensures that consumers feel that, with vacuum cleaner robots, they free up their leisure time, so they can have more time to spend with loved ones. 

State-of-the-art functionality

LG has updated its well-known square vacuum cleaner robot concept – the only ones on the market specifically designed for corner cleaning. Its shape is complemented by a Smart Inverter motor for maximum cleaning efficiency. They also incorporate state-of-the-art features that make them unique, such as a 12+ and 12 Series video surveillance system and remote control via WIFI of the 12+, 12, 11+ and 11 Series devices. The SmartThinQ™ App (via WiFi) allows you to program the LG Hombot Square Turbo from anywhere and arrange cleaning according to the daily and hourly preferences of each user. 

To prevent falling or scuffing on furniture and walls, the LG Hombot Square Turbo sensors detect any obstacle or unevenness, even ones that are transparent. LG Hombot Square Turbo scans and maps the surface by memorizing where each obstacle is, avoiding random motion and minimizing crashes, thanks to its Robo-Navi software and Dual-Eye camera. It cleans in an organized, orderly way and it can perfectly complete the task even in the dark. 

LG Hombot Square Turbo features a lithium battery with 30% more autonomy and twice the durability. When the robot runs out of battery power it simply returns to its charging base, then it resumes cleaning. These devices are 8 times quieter than those of the competition; the noise emitted when cleaning does not exceed 60dB, which is equivalent to the frequency of a low voice conversation. The tank has a capacity of 0.6L, easy to remove and empty, which prevents dust spillage. In addition, the HEPAII anti-allergy filter traps particles that are harmful to health and expels clean air.

It has up to 7 cleaning modes (6 automatic ones and one manual) that adapt to the surface of each room to clean with maximum efficiency, which are: 

Turbo Mode: Ideal for homes with pets. This mode achieves a cleaning 30% more powerful than normal mode.

Smart Turbo Mode Carpets: the LG Hombot Square automatically activates Turbo mode when it detects carpets for more powerful cleaning. After cleaning the carpet, turn off the turbo mode.

My Space Mode: It allows to clean a specific cleaning zone with the remote control so that the LG Hombot can clean the designated space twice consecutively without leaving its perimeter.

From the 8+ Series, LG Hombot Square Turbo devices can be programmed to automatically and autonomously clean every day of the week. The Smart update function allows you to update it with the latest improvements in the cleaning method by downloading the new software via USB or via Wi-Fi in the 12 and 11 series.

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