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For some people, being creative is a part of their daily lives. For others, it’s about switching off and indulging in an occasional hobby or passion project. Whichever camp you fall into, the wonderful thing about creativity is that it’s open to everyone. It’s about being inventive, sparking ideas and enjoying the rewards of using our imaginations to create something new.

Even better, unleashing our creativity might even be good for our health. The National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing states it can improve our mood, make us happier and even boost our brain function.

If your creativity could do with a helping hand, you’re in luck, because today we’re sharing some easy brainstorming techniques and tips to spark your creativity, using some of our favourite LG products along the way.

Brainstorming techniques, even on the go

You might get lucky with a lightbulb moment – you know, those times when a great idea suddenly pops into your mind while you’re in the shower or out for a walk – but sometimes you just need a little extra help to get those creative juices flowing.

A perfect way to get stuck into brainstorming is with mind maps. These are a visual way of representing your brainstorm. Write your key idea in the middle and keep adding offshoots as you think of new things. There’s just something about the process of writing down ideas in a visual format that seems to trigger a more creative way of thinking.

Enter the LG VELVET, the second LG smartphone to offer active stylus pen support. This clever device recreates the experience you get from handwriting with good old-fashioned pen and paper, and it’s the ideal way to jot down your thoughts and sketch out mind maps while you’re on the move. It comes with the pre-installed QMemo+ app, so you can quickly capture your thoughts wherever you are, and it even has a dual screen, allowing you to keep brainstorming even while you’re taking a phone or video call, browsing the web or watching YouTube.

A close-up of using the stylus pen and making a design on the dual screen of an LG smartphone
A close-up of using the stylus pen and making a design on the dual screen of an LG smartphone
Stimulate your creativity while you play

Sometimes the best way to tap into your creativity is simply by relaxing and focusing on doing something you enjoy. When you’re stressed, you’re much less likely to feel creative because your mental capacity is being taken up by other things. Playing video games can be a great way to release this tension, take your thinking elsewhere and reset. A recent study in the Creativity Research Journal states that certain games, such as Minecraft, can boost your creative freedom.

So the next time you’re feeling a tad stressed, throw yourself into your game of choice with the LG 4K UltraGear™ Nano IPS 1ms (GtG) Gaming Monitor. As well as its stunning speed and picture quality, this monitor has a stylish design that’s fully adjustable so that you can truly and comfortably immerse yourself in your gaming. Not only that, but its Nano IPS technology supports high-fidelity colour capable of reproducing vivid imagery that’s sure to have you captivated. Without even realising it, you might just find that transporting yourself to another world is just the thing to kickstart your creative thinking.

Further your learning for idea generation

Another way to generate ideas is to keep learning new things. Whether you’re studying something completely new or exploring a topic that interests you in more depth, furthering your knowledge keeps your mind active and exposes you to ways of thinking that you may not have considered before. You’re likely to have ideas of your own in response to what you’re learning, so why not take an online class, focus on your personal development and see where it takes you?

Take on your new educational project on an LG laptop like the LG Gram 17”, which offers incredible processing power and a fantastic 17-hour battery life that means you can keep learning on the go. What’s more, its ultra-light weight which means it’s a breeze to have with you at all times – whether you’re on the move or sitting in bed with a cup of tea.

Music to stimulate your creative flow

Ever noticed that you feel inspired when you’re listening to music? That’s because music has the ability to stimulate the right side of your brain. By moving away from the verbal and organisational skills taken care of by the left side of your brain, you’re in with a better chance of increasing your creative flow.

What better reason to get out your LG TONE Free Wireless Earbuds and spend some time jamming out and dancing? These advanced earbuds are designed to recreate the experience of listening to real loudspeakers, so you’ll soon find yourself immersed in pristine sounds and perfect clear vocals thanks to sophisticated Headphone Spatial Processing technology. They’ve even got Noise Isolation for when you’re listening in a noisy outdoor environment, such as a cafe. Is that a creative idea we see heading towards you?

Meditate to open yourself up to creativity

As we mentioned earlier, stress isn’t good for your creativity. Clearing your thoughts can help you relax and relieve tension in your mind and body, and practising meditation is a great way to do that. When you make meditation a part of your regular routine, you’ll find that you’re better able to release your subconscious dreamer side, which is a sure-fire way to find your next great ideas and passions. With that in mind, why not try listening to meditation playlists on Spotify?

Alternatively, you can connect your Headspace account with Google Assistant and listen to a guided meditation on your LG XBOOM Go Smart Speakers. These clever speakers feature unbeatable audio thanks to Meridian Technology, with dual action bass for bigger beats and multicolour lighting for a chilled out vibe when you’re using them for meditation. Even better, they’re weatherproof – so why not take them into the garden or park and get closer to nature while you meditate?

A man meditating in a living room with an LG XBOOM Go speaker
A man meditating in a living room with an LG XBOOM Go speaker

So there we have it: five fantastic ways to get you well on the way to your next big idea, with plenty of fun to be had in the process. For more great tech to help spark your creativity, explore LG.com

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