Now that the holidays are over, the wrapping paper is cleaned up and the decorations are put away, isn’t it time for a little gift-giving—to yourself? Invest in a gift that will keep you happy all year: An LG TV. With so many options to choose from, settling on the right TV can be a tough choice. But luckily for you, we’ve come up with a guide to help you find the perfect LG TV match.

For the sports aficionado : 

You have every player’s stats memorized. You wear your team’s colors—down to your knickers. And you’d never, ever dream of missing a game.

If game night is all about you, we recommend :

A)  The 55” LG OLED E7 TV = is the perfect TV for you.

With the OLED E7, you are going to get stunning 4K UHD (that’s Ultra-High Definition) picture quality. That drop of sweat rolling down the goalkeeper face? That split-second foul play? The coach’s eyebrow twitch? You’re going to get every detail, meaning you’ll notice things others don’t.

That’s because the E7 has OLED technology, which gives you a refresh rate that is 1000x faster than LED pixels. When players sprint, kick and jump at superhuman speeds, you’ll see it happen free from blur. OLED pixels also have an astonishingly accurate and wide color range—combined with the Dolby Atmos immersive sound quality, it’s like turning your living room into the stadium (without all the mess).

If game night is when your mates are around, we recommend : 

B) The 55" LG Super UHD SJ95 TV = TV is your mate too.

For best-quality, high-intensity game nights that everyone will love, look no further than the LG Super UHD TV. With LGs Nano Cell technology, there’s no more fighting for a seat in the middle: Thanks to Nano Cell and LGs IPS panels, you can enjoy perfect color accuracy and amazing picture quality, no matter which angle you watch the game from. Go ahead, invite the whole gang over.

Yes, everyone will thank you.

A group of friends watching a sport match from lg super uhd 4k tv.
A group of friends watching a sport match from lg super uhd 4k tv.

For the movie lover :

You always watch the director’s cut. Your dream vacation is Cannes. And who says popcorn isn’t a food group?

You should try :

Just like the sports aficionado, you’re going to get every single detail, thanks to LGs OLED technology. You might even find yourself re-watching old classics and noticing new things: A mysterious something in the corner of the room, perhaps? Maybe you’ll finally make out what that letter says. Or maybe you’ll notice just how green your favourite star’s eyes really are.

If movies-on-demand are your cup of tea, it’s even easier to access them now. LG Smart TVs include the award-winning webOS 3.5: No more struggling and flipping through menus to find your favourite streaming service on-screen. webOS lets you access on-demand content and catch up on live content from selected channels. Plus, it not only gives you easy access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV and Rakuten TV, it also gives you exclusive access to the Sky Store (UK only, exclusive deal info will be provided). In other words: All kinds of movies, all the time.

A front view of lg 4k super uhd tv showing its smart tv screen.
A front view of lg 4k super uhd tv showing its smart tv screen.

And let’s not forget how important your remote control is: Who hasn’t had a movie night ruined by a confusing, unresponsive remote? Enter the LG Magic Remote, an intuitive, brilliant little device. It functions like a laser pointer, letting you control on-screen menus much like a maestro conducts an orchestra – by movements of your hand. You’ll enjoy features like point, scroll, gesture and voice commands. Yeah, we’d call that magic.

Last but not least, you movie lovers who enjoy watching films at all hours of the day will appreciate the variety of LG TV options. Is your home cinema in a particularly bright space? The LG Super UHD TV produces a billion rich colours and offers Ultra Luminance for perfectly optimized viewing settings. No more squinting and pausing and fiddling with the blinds.

On the other hand, if your home cinema is too dark, extra dark scenes can be hard to make out. The LG OLED E7 TV is equipped with an OLED technology: Organic self-emitting pixels achieve Perfect Blacks due to their unique ability to completely switch off—with no light emitted or passing through the pixel. You get a huge range of contrast, bringing shades and colours to life in a way that regular LED TV technology just can’t match.

For the hardcore gamer :

You can hum the theme songs to a dozen games. You know the feeling of a glory-filled all-nighter. And you save. Make that triple-save.

May we suggest :

LG Super UHD TVs come equipped with full HDR support, including Dolby Vision™, which makes each scene look exactly like it’s supposed to: Dolby Vision™ actually utilizes dynamic metadata, which sets individual colour and brightness level frame by frame. And thanks to LG’s Nano Cell technology, you get high colour accuracy, too. Details, speed, colours—it’s all there. You’ll fall in love with your favourite games all over again, and new games will look even better.

A group of friends playing a video game on a lg super uhd 4k tv
A group of friends playing a video game on a lg super uhd 4k tv

But we’d also like to point out the Super UHD TV’s easy connectivity: All Super UHDs have four HDMI ports (while most regular UHDs have only 3). This gives you more flexibility for the kinds of sound and gaming systems you want to set up.

Plus, we think it’s important to talk about the input lag: Have you ever been in the middle of a game at a really crucial point and felt your game lagging to your commands? Yeah, it’s pretty much the worst. Let’s not even get started on those games when lag led to death and total destruction. Thankfully, LG Super UHD TVs have a super short input lag of 15–17ms in Game Mode, so there won’t be any panicking when those crucial moments arise (aside from the usual panicking, of course).

So there you have it! We hope this guide has been helpful (and a little fun, too). As always, if you want to see more specs and details about all of the TVs that LG has to offer, head on over to the LG website:

Happy hunting!

Life's good!