During LG SIGNATURE ARTWEEK, a number of events took place to celebrate the meeting of premium design and technology. The first was a VIP gathering with delectable wine and cuisine, and informative tours of the exhibition. Mendini’s head architect Andrea Palzari welcomed guests to the evening – Mendini could not attend due to illness, so he contributed a video message wishing everyone a good time. 

LG SIGNATURE product development vice president Bruce Chang also made a toast, reminding guests to “always remember to bring beauty into our lives.” Live music by a string trio mixed in with a DJ playing modern and classical hits, and a host of celebrities enjoyed the exhibition, mingling with guests and the artwork and contributing to an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.

As Palzari so aptly explained, art and appliances have more in common than we think – and high quality design mixing with innovative technology and functionality is the future as we know it. LG SIGNATURE surmises this concept and in ARTWEEK’s opening night, they showcased for the many VIP guests the core essence of what makes life good.

Influencer roundtable

On a day when artists and like-minded scholars were invited to LG SIGNATURE ARTWEEK, design pioneers Michael Michalsky and Hadi Teherani were invited on stage to discuss design trends, how they achieved their milestones and materials used in art from the past, present and future.

Palzari also offered an introduction, outlining Mendini’s vision for a future where high quality design and technology and functionality will merge to become one. LG SIGNATURE leads the way in this movement by experimenting with different materials, innovative features and turning the idea that household appliances are purchased only for their functionality on their head.

The evening offered another VIP party for guests to learn more about the products and hear about their stories within the context of the artwork.

Wine tasting

The west of Germany is famous for its Riesling, specializing in aromatic, elegant and fruity flavours. And the Allendorf family is one of Germany’s leading winemakers in the Winkel, Rudesheim and Assmannhausen areas. Their business – which began in the 13th century and is still owned and run by the family today – covers over 70 hectares of vineyards.

To celebrate the release of the LG SIGNATURE Wine Cellar, guests were invited to partake in a tasting of Allendorf’s Riesling wines. The Wine Cellar’s features are similar to the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator, with knock-on door and automatic door functionality, and the ability to connect with WIFI to set the right temperature.

In addition, the Wine Cellar racks have a wooden finish making them the perfect bed for your wine to rest on. You can also set different temperatures in different parts of the fridge to accommodate each wine – be it red, white or champagne.

Katharina Fladung, who hosted the tasting for Allendorf, explained why this is so important: “When the wine is too warm it becomes sweeter, and when it is too cold it becomes more acidic. So it’s really essential to keep wine at the right temperature. Nowadays, room temperatures tend to be around 21 degrees, which is too warm for a white wine to sit in. Having a Wine Cellar will really help you to maintain the optimal taste.”

Thonet Partnership Event

From the genius of master carpenter Michael Thonet in the 18th century to a modern family company based in Hessen, Thonet encapsulates all that is LG SIGNATURE. Their achievements include pioneering the division of labour in furniture production, and constantly updating their materials in the 20th century to create pieces which reflected innovation and beauty combined. The company refers to their style as having a ‘timeless formal language’ and takes into consideration sustainability and durability.

Together with LG SIGNATURE ARTWEEK, Thonet joint-hosted an evening with discussions on furniture and home décor trends, as well as the craftmanship of the featured artists by Mendini. Amongst the finest wine and food, the guests of Thonet were at home amongst works which bring together the most intuitive technology and brilliant design.

Life's Good!