IFA 2017: Life's good when scenes meet scenery with LG V30 and OLED ATMOS | LG EXPERIENCE

Everyone loves going to the movies, and in Berlin is no different. After a long day of sightseeing we met with some friends at the Warschauer Bridge. Let’s be honest, The Warschauer Bridge itself won’t be winning any beauty pageants, yet it provides a breathtaking view of Berlin—and an ideal place if you enjoy ending your evening with a picturesque sunset backdrop. If you prefer train spotting, this is still the perfect location for you! The bridge is  above one of Berlin’s biggest train-stations, providing a perfect place to watch trains shunting along the numerous tracks!

Right let’s keep walking - we don’t want to miss the start of the movie!

We walk down the bridge, go down some steps next to the train tracks and end up in an abandoned factory complex. Well, abandoned from its original purpose at least, because now it’s livelier than ever!  The locals call it  Cassiopeia.. Luckily for us, the cinema is there as well - an open-air cinema just around the corner named ‘Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia’.

It’s hard not to be excited when in the cinema “room”. The place is simply awesome. A big empty square surrounded by what were once the walls of the railways factory and a huge screen forms - an amazing concept and a perfect setting for an end to a perfect evening.

The laid-back environment invites us to simply take a seat, sit back and relax. Obviously, not before grabbing some cinema goodies: drinks and, of course, popcorn!

As the movie starts, everything grows quiet bar  the speakers. There’s not a single light to be seen, besides the ones projected on the screen and the stars in the sky.

So that was just, Wow. An experience like no other. It’s amazing how such a massive clearing has acoustics that makes us feel as if we were RIGHT in the middle of all the action.

After the movie we decide to kick back and stay a little longer. We move to the bar a couple doors down, order some nice drinks and take a seat. As the conversation develops, we eventually end up talking about the best way to enjoy the seventh art at home.

We all prefer different kinds of movies, so everyone looks for something different when considering a home entertainment system. Those who are into horror and thrillers look for the perfect black. People who prefer Sci-Fi & Fantasy , look for perfect colours and minimal contrast. And finally, action movies fans look for  vivid sound in order to feel part on the action.

Luckily, for every fan of cinema, there’s the LG OLED TV with Dolby Atmos technology, which guarantees perfect black for those darker movies, perfect colours for the brighter ones and an incredible 360º sound experience for every movie.

This said, it was time to call it a wrap and get some rest before enjoying another great day in Berlin.

Life's Good!