8 Ways AI makes TV better | LG Magazine | LG EXPERIENCE

You may be wondering why you would want or need a TV with artificial intelligence. But hear us out – AI TV makes amazing happen. 

With ever more crisp display quality, immersive sound and intuitive digital assistants, it’s getting smarter all the time.

We’ve covered the techy detail elsewhere, but if you want to know some key ways AI in TV can transform your viewing experience – read on.

1. Watch pixel-perfect sports action in every light

The biggest game of the season is about to kick off. The drinks are chilled to perfection. Your best friends are sat around you, banter in full flow. 

You bring up the match on your TV – but it’s hard to see with the sunlight streaming in. So you close the curtains – too dark. Another game ruined by the glare.

We’ve all been there – but not any more. Thanks to AI Brightness, LG AI TVs can optimise the action on screen based on the level of light in your room. View every image with incredible contrast, detail and depth of colour – whatever the weather and time of day. 

2. Step into the Grand Canyon in grand detail

In this hypnotically majestic expanse, you can take in mile after mile of rusty red cliff edges fading into a misty blue horizon. Pick out the shapes of the sloped shadows, which battle the flickering sunlight, framing silent forests and roaring waterways. Inhale the humidity of the air, and feel the crunch of the jagged pebbles beneath your walking boots.

You’re not physically in the Grand Canyon – but you are with your AI-powered TV. Immense landscapes like this remain in crystal-clear focus wherever you are in the room, heightening your senses and helping you to see the world as it truly is.

How? AI Picture detects the requirements of content you’re watching and dials up the sharpness in your TV, so you can enjoy crisp image quality from scene to scene.

3. Find your current and future TV favourites

Just like that trusted friend who shares your taste in movies and TV shows, TVs with artificial intelligence can search for your favourite actors, titles and genres to create personalised content recommendations for you and your family. 

AI-powered voice controls make it super-easy to get your content on screen. Thanks to built-in Google Assistant, just say “Play The Crown* on Netflix” and let your TV do the rest. 

*Other shows are available

4. Hear the latest football scores on demand

Technology has always helped us to get the football results. From finding the right frequency on the wireless, to landing on page 303 on Ceefax, to watching the results come in on TV.  

In today’s era of AI, the power isn’t just at your fingertips – it hangs on your every word. Ask Google Assistant what the score is and have it read out on your TV with artificial intelligence.

5. Ask questions about the movie you’re watching

We all have a partner or friend who straight up refuses to talk during the movie. But now you can ask your TV rather than bothering them. 

Whether you’re wondering about Tom Cruise’s first film or Peppa Pig’s favourite colour, ask away – your Google Assistant knows it all. Just press ‘hold’ on your LG Magic Remote microphone button and say your question aloud.

6. Dim the lights to set the scene

Movie night isn’t just about the movie – it’s about the cinematic experience. To create that you can do better than a few dozen tea lights. If you’ve got smart light bulbs, you can adjust their brightness with your AI TV.

Powered by AI ThinQ, your TV is the control centre for your smart home. As well as smart lightbulbs, you can use it to set the heating and answer the door with the right gadgets. 

7. Power up your PS4 with your voice

Some games are so good nothing will stop you rushing home to play them. Once you’ve kicked off your shoes and jumped on your sofa, the last thing you want to be doing is fumbling around to find the right button on your remote. 

With AI TV, you can switch on your console with your voice. Why stop there? Turn the volume up or down, change the picture setting or add new players – all with your voice. 

Never take your eye off the ball in that winner-takes-all football match, or miss that golden chance to take your enemy out in a first-person-shooter.

8. Soak up sound that knows no bounds

Standard quality sound can make even the most dramatic chase in a Serengeti-set nature documentary feel as dull as the dishwater in your kitchen sink. 

That’s because the audio is projected in a straight line and watered down by the obstacles in your room before it reaches your ears.

With LG AI TVs, the audio flows around the room, encasing you in the action on screen. By identifying the audio sources in the TV or film you’re watching, it can upgrade you to virtual 5.1 surround sound. This creates the cinematic effect of sound from behind.

So on AI TV, you’re not watching the wildebeest run away from the cheetah. You’re running with it, hooves tearing up the terrain as you feel the cheetah’s breath on the back of your neck.

AI TV technology can be found on 2019 LG OLED and NanoCell TVs.