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There has never been a better time to book a holiday, with low-cost airlines and the sharing economy driving prices down, and comparison and review sites making it simple to organise your trip. And now, the power of travel gadgets and artificial intelligence is making travel even easier, and more convenient.

At IFA, LG is proud to showcase how powerful AI and the smart, connected ThinQ product ecosystem can take even more stress out of travel. By tapping into Google Assistant and using the strengths of LG’s own ThinQ AI, you can now book a holiday, make reservations, prepare clothes for your trip - and snacks for the journey - and even have your home keep itself clean, secure and energy-efficient while you’re away.

This may sound like something from the future, but with the voice-controlled ThinQ ecosystem, it’s a reality available today - and it is being demonstrated right now in the travel section of LG’s stand at the IFA 2018 technology show.

Here’s how LG ThinQ can help you plan, book and manage your dream holiday:

From your TV to a holiday plan

The moment inspiration for a holiday pops into your head, your ThinQ smart television is ready to help out. Just say: “Hey Google, show me beach holidays” to get some inspiration right on the screen. Or, discuss destinations with friends, who can display holiday snaps from their LG G7ThinQ smartphones on the TV.

You can also use your smart television to check the weather forecast at your destination, simply by asking. Use Google Assistant to find hotels, local attractions, restaurants, and even call up to make a reservation - all from the comfort of your sofa at home. It’s like the perfect travel gadget inside your TV.

Create and manage your to-do lists

Holidays require a lot of planning, but LG and Google Assistant can help by keeping notes and to-do lists whenever you ask your ThinQ Speaker. Just say out-loud what you want the note to be, and it will be saved. You can also set yourself reminders, and add key details like your flight times to your calendar, all with voice commands.

And with the LG TONE PlatinumSETM you have an elegant and understated wireless headset that acts as an extension of Google Assistant. It helps you with things like live translations, texting, making calls, setting timers and making sure you get through that to-do list. And the music playing-feature means no matter how far away you are from your speaker, you can have your jams nearby for up to 10 hours.

Get ready for your holiday, without the stress

LG’s ThinQ washing machines and dryers help you wash and dry your clothes in the most efficient way possible. With a Wi-Fi connection and ThinQ technology built-in, LG’s smart washing machines can be started remotely via your smartphone, then will notify you the moment the cycle has finished.

The Styler also gets your clothes ready for travel by providing the perfect in-between-dry-cleaning experience. Clothes can be cleaned, creases will be gone and hygiene mode can also be enacted, giving your holiday attire an extra shimmer.

While your clothes are being washed and dried, LG’s ThinQ-powered smart home can also help in the kitchen. Long road trip ahead? Ask your ThinQ Speaker for recipe tips, or even snap a photo of some ingredients with your G7ThinQ smartphone, which then uses food recognition technology to offer up meal suggestions. Then, the ThinQ oven can be pre-heated from your smartphone for added convenience.

Switch your smart home to holiday mode and save

When it’s time to head to the airport, you can use your G7ThinQ smartphone or ThinQ Speaker to tell your home you’re leaving. With the power of Google Assistant, this spoken instruction can be personalised just for you.

For example, saying: “Hey Google, I’m leaving” can switch off your fans or heaters, dim the lights, turn devices into standby mode to save energy, and even fire up the LG Hom-Bot smart robot vacuum cleaner, which will faithfully clean up while you’re away.

IFA 2018: A close up of the 'away mode' in the LG ThinQ App, being shown in the travel zone
IFA 2018: A close up of the 'away mode' in the LG ThinQ App, being shown in the travel zone
Looking ahead with the CLOi PorterBot

What about the future of LG ThinQ? This is where the CLOi PorterBot can help. LG sees a future where you are greeted at the hotel front desk by a friendly, intelligent robot called CLOi. The robot can check you in, escort you to your room, and even carry your luggage for you. When it’s time to leave, CLOi will make check-out as quick and seamless as possible - no more waiting in line and missing your transfer to the airport.

To learn more about how intelligent solutions and travel gadgets by LG ThinQ can help you travel smarter, visit the LG stand at IFA 2018, or the IFA page on LG Magazine. #LGxIFA2018

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