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Introducing LSAA – the most advanced LG LED signage

Whether it’s in the boardroom as you deliver a deal-breaking presentation or on a huge outdoor screen showcasing Black Friday offers, LED signage solutions can transform your business.

Now at LG we have launched our most innovative digital signage yet. 

The new LG LSAA packs 4K resolution and AI-powered picture quality into a single, easy-to-assemble LED display. 

LG is one of the leading digital signage solution providers. With the new LSAA screens, we build on this pedigree to deliver an even better experience for your business.

Digital signage for your business 

Every business can benefit from quality digital signage solutions. Showcase products, services and other content. Increase your brand’s reach and power. Effortlessly engage with potential customers and clients.  

Digital signage can boost your boardroom, whether presenting to internal teams or impressing visitors. High quality screens around your offices and other sites welcome your team and guests to your brand. While external signage provides additional advertising, whether on the side of your building, at the entrance or elsewhere. 

In every case, the digital signage must display clear, high quality images and messaging to be successful. 

Quick and easy installation means you can be up and running in no time. Eye-catching displays showing your key messages can attract your target audience, whatever you’re selling or presenting. 

Why choose LG digital signage?

LG is one of the industry’s leading digital signage solution providers. Move hearts and minds with our comprehensive range of innovative display products to help you increase engagement levels and sales. 

The flexibility of our best-in-class signage can provide clear and focused information and advertising across many industries – including retail, transportation, education, hospitality and healthcare. There are options suited to different requirements, from vertical and Dual-View displays to interactive and outdoor LED signage solutions.

Our information display products are in use across many high-profile projects – including Luton Airport, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and showcased at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE). 

Introducing the LG LSAA

The LSAA series is the latest in LG LED signage display technology. Pushing boundaries to deliver unrivalled picture quality, its innovations introduce convenient connectivity, energy efficiencies and brightness benefits for your business.  

High quality images and vibrant colours are guaranteed with up to 4K UHD resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio.

The cable-less design removes the need for complicated and messy inter-connections and introduces LG’s innovative new wireless data transmission to help your business create a clean and effective display space. You can reduce your energy use too, with “common cathode driver” technology that prevents unnecessary power consumption to light your displays.

LG2020 LED Sinage Installation Concept_03[2].jpg
LG2020 LED Sinage Installation Concept_03[2].jpg
Main benefits of the LSAA 

The newest LG LED signage introduces many benefits for your business. Get your message across quicker, easier and more effectively with the LSAA.

Quick and simple installation

Installing digital signage has never been easier. The LSAA’s block-assembly design makes constructing large displays and joining the individual parts incredibly straightforward – whatever the size of your display. 

One LED base cabinet provides the power and signal to each column, saving you time and effort during the build. LG’s non-contact connector technology sends and receives signals wirelessly, while connectors on the edge of the cabinet deliver power to each display. No need for extra power or signal cables.

Flexible set up

Connect multiple displays to achieve your desired display size. Easy installation and wireless connection makes expanding your LSAA set up quick and simple. Reconfigure it onsite in less time than other LED displays.

Wall mounts and frame-type accessories offer many installation options to meet the diverse requirements of different site conditions and your specific needs. Switch your set up to suit close-up use in boardrooms or distance viewing in retail centres. 

AI-powered image processor signage

The LSAA uses the same AI-powered image processor found in premium LG 4K TVs. This automatically optimises the content’s clarity and sharpness so that AI-powered image processor signage results in enhanced resolution, better colour contrast and reduced noise. Enjoy the cleanest pictures on some of the largest displays.

Brighter colour contrasts

Self-emissive display technology and the incredibly narrow 1.2mm distance between pixels delivers vibrant, clear images. A wider colour spectrum and greater contrasts introduces livelier images, whether still or moving.

Low power consumption

To ensure better efficiency, LSAA uses the common cathode method. Here the cathodes of the LEDs connect to a single pin – preventing unnecessary power consumption, delivering only the required voltage to each sub-pixel. Reduced energy usage for your display helps you to look after the environment and save on powering your signage.

This helped it earn EMC Class B classification, meaning it can be used in residential, commercial, industrial, and business environments.

What we say about the LSAA

"Our LSAA series sets a new standard for LED signage solutions in the commercial display market. Innovation in products such as the LSAA enables LG to lead the LED signage industry with superb picture quality, enhanced ease of installation and unbeatable value.” 

Paik Ki-mun

Head of Information Display

LG Electronics

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