The TWINWash Mini™ revolution Laundry day can be quite daunting, especially when you have to separate clothes according to colours and materials. This is very time-consuming. That’s why at LG, we have now equipped the TwinWash™ machine with a second drum. And it’s called the TwinWash Mini™. This new washing machine design feature is slightly smaller and located at the base of the machine. Since there are two drums working, it allows you do two loads separately, yet simultaneously. This comes in very handy when you only have a few clothes to wash or laundry requiring special care!

Centum System technology

With new Centum System technology, you can expect a lot less vibration and less noise. This is the result of twenty years of research and development in the area of washing technology. It’s even possible that you will even forget that the machine is on. So essentially, you have the luxury of silence.

Another convenient feature: self-dosing

Thanks to the self-dosing, you simply put the laundry and softener in large quantities in the machine – the TWINWash™ technology does the rest! Your washing machine automatically doses the amount of product required according to the specific programme you have selected – and up to twenty loads! So there is no more overdosing and no more waste!

Believe it or not, your TWINWash™ is connected by Wi-Fi to your smartphone

The TWINWash™ washing machine is actually equipped with SmartThinQ™ technology. This means that you can launch your machine using your smartphone and always know the status of your wash. Even when the washing powder tray is empty! In addition, if you are concerned about your energy consumption, you can also track the amount of water and electricity being used – from anywhere.

The Push Open Door – a convenient design element you’ll love

The intuitive design of the Push Open door allows you to easily access it, even if your hands full of laundry! With just a slight bit of pressure, you can open your TWINWash™. The door’s wide mouth also makes loading really easy. Even that thick quilt fits in now!

Research and Development has paid off

LG has been committed to creating high quality products for years. And with the LG SIGNATURE TWINWash™ washing machine, our work has truly come to its fruition. And the TWINWash™ is composed of outstanding materials, such as enamel, ceramic and tempered glass, for an elegant and timeless design, while being ergonomic and comfortable the same time.

Life's Good!