LG offers two different categories for 4K TVs: Ultra HD and Super UHD. This article looks at the different Super UHD models to help you discover which one is right for you.

All LG Super UHD TVs enjoy…

Four times the detail: 4K TVs pack 4 times more pixels onto the screen than HD TVs. More pixels mean better picture quality – clearer, sharper, truer-to-life.

Nano Cell technology: In a 4K TV, pixels are perfected with LG Nano-Cell technology, placed just one nanometre apart – precise and consistent – for uniform colour.

HDR (High Dynamic Range): A vast improvement on contrast and colour, LG Super UHD TVs support most HDR formats, including Dolby Vision and HDR10.

Over 1 billion colours: Get the best from HDR colour range with advanced 10-bit processing delivering over 1bn colours – think roses with myriad shades of red.

Voice control. Search for shows on Netflix or change channel using your voice. LG Super UHD TVs are AI-enabled with LG ThinQ and Google Assistant.

Netflix approved: Passed Netflix ‘rigorous evaluation process’ to meet the criteria of Netflix Recommended TVs

Discover how the SK9500, SK8500 and SK8100 Super UHD TVs compare…

SK9500: The ultimate TV for movies and gaming

Our most innovative 4K TV. The SK9500 delivers an incredible experience when watching movies or playing 4K-ready consoles thanks to its ability to create black colours much deeper than you’d expect on an LED TV. Powerful processing keeps fast-paced action running smoothly.

Available in: 65” and 55”

Key benefits:

  • Full array local dimming: From the deep space of Gravity to dark nights of Call of Duty, blacks are deep and inky. Full array local dimming keeps light bleed minimal with responsive dimming of parts of the screen.
  • Alpha 7 processing: Movies boast richer colours and less image noise, while fast-paced games remain smooth with advanced picture processing.
  • Dolby Atmos®: Object-based audio surround sound makes it feel as though the sound is moving around you, bringing vivid cinematic realism to your sofa.
  • Picture on Metal: This TV is super-thin. The screen is fused onto a single metal sheet, while the frame around the picture (known as the bezel) has been removed.

SK8500: Perfect for family football and movie nights

Available in 49”, 55” and 65”

Key benefits:

  • Full array local dimming: Night skies and outer space are rich and inky thanks to full array local dimming. Parts of the screen are dimmed to keep light bleed minimal.
  • Alpha 7 processing: See movies with more realism and less noise with advanced picture processing. Top-flight football stays blur-free for immersive action.
  • Dolby Atmos®: You’re at the centre of the stadium or movie set with object-based audio that seems to flow all around you with Dolby Atmos®.
  • More options: Choose between 3 different screen sizes – the 49” model is ideal for smaller living rooms and homes.

SK8100: Super UHD to suit your needs

Our most affordable Super UHD brings brilliant picture quality to your living room for less. What’s more it comes in a range of size options.

Available in: 49”, 55”, 65” and 75”

Key benefits

More options: The SK8100 comes in four different screen sizes so you can find the perfect one for you – from the 49” for smaller rooms to the huge 75”

Alpha 7 processing: See movies with more realism and less noise with advanced picture processing. Top-flight football stays blur-free for immersive action.

Premium features: Experience state-of-the-art TV technology such as LG’s Nano Cell display and Dolby Atmos®

Brushed aluminium. The rear panel features a bold, brushed aluminium finish, adding superior design and build quality.