A great soundbar is more than an upgrade from your TV speakers. Crisp, all-encompassing audio can make a thrilling movie scene more dramatic, and every bit tenser. Hi-Fi engineering can make your favourite piece of music sound like the very first time you heard it.

To know which soundbar is right for your home, focus on how you will be using it. Our guide hand-picks the best LG soundbars based on ambiance, home cinema setup, all-around sound and budget. Also, check out the soundbars that are available in sustainable packaging!

Best soundbar for design and ambiance

Come home to a warm, cozy welcome while enjoying premium sound during your after-work downtime. With a smooth, compact aesthetic and a  Dolby Atmos-equipped wireless subwoofer, the LG Éclair, the LG Éclair packs a ton of power into a small yet stylish package.

Experience the perfect fusion of impressive audio production and a sleek, modern design that transforms your space, regardless of its size. This portable and streamlined soundbar can be showcased as the centerpiece or seamlessly integrated with other devices, elevating the aesthetics of your setup.


Features to love:

  • Low-Vibration Subwoofer: Experience deep, clear bass and unhindered audio with minimised vibrations at any volume.
  • TV Sound Mode Share: Seamless AI processing and compatibility create clearer, more consistent audio with your LG TV.1
  • MERIDIAN Technology: Get more from your TV with high-performance audio processing, courtesy of MERIDIAN’s groundbreaking innovation.

Give your entertainment center a fresh update, and create an inviting space that’s full of functionality. LG’s Éclair is the perfect addition to your home’s high-traffic areas. With a sleek, low-profile design and sharp color options, this is one of the most fashionable accessories you can find for your TV.

Recommended soundbar: Éclair

Best soundbar for the ultimate home cinema 

Sometimes, life’s best moments take place in the home. Make the most out of quality time with your loved ones by creating your own ultimate at-home cinema with LG’s SP11RA soundbar. New sound modes allow you to fully experience the rush of every action-filled car chase, creaking floorboard or howling gust of wind. Smart sound adjustment automatically adapts to your surroundings, making cinematic scores resonate deeper and more lifelike than your TV’s speakers ever could.

Music lovers can also get more from their TVs by boosting each track with Soundbar Mode Control and Dolby Atmos. Create a pop-up karaoke session in your living room, or simply enjoy your housework playlist on full blast.


Features to love:

  • High-Resolution Audio: Take advantage of better-than-CD quality audio streaming when listening to Hi-Res audio files on Tidal or Qobuz.
  • 7.1.4 Channel Sound: Completely envelop yourself in captivating, immersive sound with 770 watts of output power.2
  • MERIDIAN Technology: LG soundbars with MERIDIAN feature optimised digital signal processing (DSP) for more accurate sound reproduction.

This soundbar’s versatile design and smart connectivity will make you think twice about picking up your headset.

Recommended soundbar: SP11RA

Best all-around soundbars with sustainable packaging

The LG SP7, which is designed with a recycled jersey fabric that’s made with 6.5 repurposed 500ml plastic bottles per unit.

Also, multiple LG soundbars in the 2021 line-up have upgraded their internal packaging. Instead of using EPS foam (Styrofoam) and plastic bags, using recycled molded pulp—an improved alternative to traditional packing materials. Read more about LG's eco-minded soundbars. 

Features to love:

  • Dolby Atmos® / DTS:X™: 5.1 Channel Audio fills the room with rich, lifelike sound.
  • MERIDIAN Technology: LG soundbars with MERIDIAN produce optimal clarity and Hi-Res performance.
  • High-Resolution Audio: Listen to every sound as it’s meant to be heard with 24-bit / 96-kHz audio.

If you’re looking for an all-around sound system that’s perfect for any layout, the SP7 excels in adaptability and has everything you need to elevate your current TV display. 

Recommended soundbars: SP7

Budget-friendly soundbars 

Immersing yourself in crisp, clear sound doesn’t have to break the bank. The SP2 model is the ideal budget soundbar if you’re looking for exceptional sound quality at a comfortable price point.For a more minimalist package that still packs a punch, the LG SP2’s integrated subwoofer compliments its attractive design. Bring this all-in-one soundbar to any room throughout your home, and tap into multifaceted sound modes with TV Sound Mode Share.

Features to love:

  • New Sound Modes: Specially designed sound modes amplify voices, game effects, sports commentary and more.
  • Built-in Bass: Equipped with dual passive radiators, this soundbar enhances bass notes to produce rich, even sound.
  • Adaptive Sound Control: Experience crystal-clear dialogues, impressive action effects and optimal audio settings automatically with an improved AI algorithm.

The LG SN4 soundbar also showcases convenient connectivity features without compromising on design. The wireless subwoofer is versatile enough to accompany a wide variety of TV styles and, with up to 300 watts of total output power, this 2.1 soundbar is ideal for virtually any type of media. Connect your mobile devices using Bluetooth streaming and AI Sound Pro to take your podcasts, news updates or ASMR videos up a notch. 

Recommended soundbars: SP2 & SN4 

Transform your living space and upgrade your Netflix binges with the perfect soundbar setup. Explore our wide range of LG soundbars and discover your ideal fit today.

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1 The version of the AI processor varies depending on the TV model.

2 Wattage varies by model.

3 Only SP7 has recycled fabric.