CES 2018 LG OLED W8 - The beyond television, the beyond future | LG EXPERIENCE

What happens when you improve something that was already considered the best of all time? You get the LG OLED TV W8. How does one improve such unparalleled technology in such a tight time span? LG's new α (Alpha) 9 processor further enhances the already breathtaking LG OLED TV through its four-step process of noise reduction which improves the clarity and rendering of images. 

 The α9's advanced mapping capabilities and enhanced colour correction improve the incredible colour accuracy of LG OLED TV. The α9's abilities don't stop there. The α9 is the first TV processor on the market that can support simultaneous high frame rate (HFR) video with up to 120 frames per second and HDR content.

You didn't think that was all did you? Yes, the previous LG OLED TV's marvellous high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities were incredible, supporting every established HDR format on the market. Now 4K Cinema HDR with added support for Advanced HDR by Technicolor  - LG is again at the forefront of enhancing high dynamic range viewing experience.  

Even with these inconceivable achievements, the biggest addition has yet to be mentioned. The 2018 LG OLED TV W8 is now equipped with ThinQ artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. LG's open smart platform, as well as third-party AI services such as Google Assistant, allows the processing of hundreds of voice commands. 

Go ahead and just speak into your Magic Remote. You'll really begin to understand the concept of controlling remotely. Your TV is no longer just the best display on the market; it is the control tower to the mothership that is your home. Let's paint a word picture.  

Sometimes the moment you enter your home, all you want to do is plop down on the couch and not budge an inch. Your boss made you stay late for work, but he still doesn't truly value your... Ah, forget it... Just grab the Magic Remote and speak.  "Turn on the TV." The TV obeys your command and is on a channel playing a rerun of a movie you just saw. You remember watching a different movie with that slightly interesting looking fellow and remember that almost everything he was in was stellar. "Who is that guy in the scene who also was in Sherlock?" 

His short biography and select filmography flash onto the screen. "Has he been in anything else?" More detailed filmography pops up. "Play Doctor Strange." You've always been meaning to watch that. The opening already has you hooked, and you slowly forget about your horrible day at work. 

But now that you're settled in... you begin to feel those hunger pangs. Cooking? Out of the question. Heating up a frozen burrito? Nah. You deserve to indulge yourself today. "Order an extra-large supreme pizza with a side of chicken wings and coke." Food is on the way and the movie is picking up. Time to really settle in.  "Dim the lights. Turn up the heat. Increase the volume." Yes, there it is. That's the sweet spot. You don't have a worry in the world. Actually... on second thought... the kids are coming back from swim lessons in an hour. The house doesn't look too messy... but just in case. "Run the vacuum throughout the entire house." You really don't plan on moving an inch. Of course, you insist on taking credit for the immaculate house. A decadent dinner, exciting entertainment, and fresh new floors were all made possible without lifting a finger. Now you can be the thoughtful, helpful husband and father while enjoying the benefits of behaving like a bachelor without a care in the world. 

If you're looking for the most beautiful colours, perfect blacks, clean images, full HDR coverage and HFR playback – in short: the best TV that money can buy - then the LG OLED W8 is for you. If you want to live in the future today and experience a change in the home forever, the 2018 LG OLED W8 is an opportunity you simply can't miss.

Life's good!

*ThinQ products launch may vary by country.