LG @ IFA 2018 : Your guide to the new LG SIGNATURE high end home appliances | LG EXPERIENCE

LG SIGNATURE have unveiled a new line of products at IFA, with a bottom mounted freezer, wine cellar and dryer joining the brand umbrella joining their high-end home appliance range.

The bottom mounted freezer, wine cellar and dryer join the current SIGNATURE line-up including OLED TV, refrigerator, air purifier and washer.

And keeping in tune with the SIGNATURE lifestyle; to bring together cutting edge technology with stunning design, and create premium home appliances which make life better; the new products have a myriad of features to take your home into a smarter future.

A wine cellar that speaks to you

As the perfect addition to your LG SIGNATURE refrigerator, the wine cellar will keep your wines at three different temperatures to suit their style. The red, white and Champagne will all be at the right temperature for you to fully enjoy.

The features that come with the InstaView are all there, from knock-on-door (where you knock twice to see what’s inside) to automatic elevation of shelves and illuminate drawer lighting.

The two sections below the wine section can be used as a freezer or fridge depending on if you want to keep something like ice or cheese inside. And Wi-Fi and voice recognition mean you can ask how much wine there is from wherever your LG speaker sits, so you always have enough stock on hand.

Drying your clothes on command

The LG SIGNATURE dryer suits those who have a lot of washing to get through in a week, and need more than the washer/dryer combo can offer. A 20 year warranty, DUAL Inverter HeatPumpTM and EcoHybrid energy efficiency are all available so you can dry clothes with low noise levels and a shorter drying time.

But one of the most special features, like with the washing machine, is its design; the simplistic, minimalistic look and feel makes it almost too good-looking to have hidden in the laundry room.

More refrigerator designs for every food lover and creator

The bottom mounted freezer is an option as an alternative to the French door style, which maintains the minimalistic, innovative feel of LG SIGNATURE.

The glass part of the door also opens if you are just looking to take juice from the front, keeping the majority of the air inside and saving energy while maintaining a consistent temperature.

And the bottom freezer has an automatic shelf which raises up so you don’t have to bend over when reaching for your frozen food.

The automatic door opening function is still present, as are the knock-on-door and smart home capabilities. And with this option alongside the French door style, the configuration can be designed to fit to multiple kitchens making sure your fridge works perfectly for you.

All part of the show

Besides the new products, LG SIGNATURE’s Wallpaper W8 TV was also on show at IFA, with its ultra-thin design and ThinQ technology making it the perfect high end home appliance in the living room during the exhibition.

Surrounded by dewy droplets, the air purifier creates air quality akin to some of the cleanest air in the world.

Meanwhile, the LG SIGNATURE Washer was on show with an artistic installation hanging from the roof; focusing the attention on the sheer beauty of an appliance which may normally be hidden in the laundry, but in this case it could become a feature within the room.

And lastly, the original LG SIGNATURE refrigerator was next to its latest addition to show off the knock-on door and automatic door opening functions that have made it so famous. The refrigerators were positioned next to a crystal wall, created with light nodes and bespoke mirrored reflectors to represent the structural formation of ice.

Life's good!

*Product availability will vary according to country. Check with your local provider for details.