LG TWINWash™ Washing Machine – Deeper Clean, Delicate Care | LG EXPERIENCE

Do you usually spend your Sundays piling dirty clothes into your washing machine? Maybe you want to go out in the park with your friends and family, have a little picnic instead of being stuck indoors while your washing machine whirs away its time and yours. Load after load, it seems never-ending. Not anymore! LG’s new twin-load washer, TWINWash™, comes with the ability to wash two loads at the same time. This multi-tasking machine lets you do all the things you otherwise miss out on a Sunday – so you no longer have to spend half your day indoors doing household chores.

You can even tackle your regular wash with your delicate clothes. The LG TWINWash™ has been designed in such a way that the “big wash” allows a bigger load with a steam wash, while the “small wash” suits all your delicates perfectly. Now, there’s no need to put in your beach towel and your swimsuit in the same load. What’s more, they’ll both be washed at the same time. Less time washing clothes, more time enjoying the things you love! The LG TWINWash™ machine will not only add finesse to the area you set it up in, but with its attractive and aesthetic design will lend your kitchen or laundry room a sense of luxury – it’s more than just a washing machine! 

The mini washer, called the TWINWash™ Mini sits right under the front-load washer, placed ergonomically for all your delicate garments. Those track pants you need for the gym the next day? The delicate undergarments that don’t fare well in harsher washing machine conditions? No need to fear anymore. The TWINWash™ Mini is exactly what you need for these small jobs – its delicate care with WaveForce washes with water, not by friction, making sure that your fabric is completely taken care of. So don’t think twice about putting those baby clothes in the small load. Both the sections allow for different detergents, so nothing but the softest clothes will do for your baby’s delicate skin! 

And if you’re worried about what two washers will do to the environment, you don’t have to think twice! The LG TWINWash™ washing machine is energy saving, while also using less water. Did we mention that it only takes 49 minutes from wash to spin? That’s almost double the time you have to spend with your family or doing those things you love the most. Because, let’s face it, no one’s favourite hobby is loading up their washing machine with mounds of dirty laundry!


Like you, most people, including us are always worried about putting white clothes into the washer. Will it change colour? Will it come out looking duller? The SteamWash™ feature in the LG TWINWash™ takes away all those worries! It’ll make your white clothes whiter, and brighten up the colours. It also has different motions, including Permanent Press (because, no body likes ironing a pile of wrinkled clothes!), Fresh Care, and Speed Wash. 

The LG TWINWash™ has everything you need from a washing machine, and more! Especially when it comes to its dual wash feature and a front loading washer that won’t break your back. It couldn’t make your life any easier, could it? Actually it can and does – you will wonder how you ever lived without the LG SmartThinQ™ app. Connect it over WiFi and remote start your washing machine from the comfort of your bedroom, your favourite restaurant, or even your office! It also monitors the amount of energy your washer is using so you can rest assured knowing that you’re not harming the environment!

Perhaps its most useful feature is smart diagnosis. The LG Smart Diagnosis uses the latest technology to troubleshoot any problems you may have and instantly gives results – all through the LG SmartThinQ app™. All you have to do is to download the app, and it’ll diagnose the problem and solve it for you! The LG SmartThinQ™ app also enhances washing and drying with downloadable cycles and laundry tips. It’s just what you need when you’re leading a busy life. The only thing it can’t do is put your clothes into the washer!

With LG TWINWash™, life’s good!