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Attention everybody: right before your very eyes, we present to you the smartphone of your dreams, with a market-leading mobile cine camera, enhanced Hi-Fi sound and balanced full screen. It´s here… please, ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for the brand new LG V30!

Introducing the much anticipated V30 - The balanced design has a 6” screen in a 5.5” body. And what a body it is! As slim as 7.3mm and as light as 158g, the all-new LG V30 has an incredible OLED FullVision 18:9 display, Cine Video Mode and audio tuned by B&O Play. All this, put together in a seamless and simple design filled with authenticity thanks to its super narrow bezel. It´s hard to believe, but you will. Just looking at the 3D side-bending rounded glass you will think you’re dreaming.

This is proper eye candy: its perfectness translates in a 2:1 body ratio spreading through the elegantly fitted rounded display. And for those who demand durability beyond normal limits, the jaw dropping LG V30, thanks to its robust yet seamless design, passed 14 US military tests, granting it US MIL-STD 810G certification.

“I’m confident the LG V30 is the most perfect smartphone we’ve ever developed and will be desired by every consumer.”

- Juno Cho, (CEO, President, Head of Mobile Communication Business Division & Director, LG Electronics inc.) -

It´s not only full of technology. It´s also full of emotion! As you can imagine, its beauty doesn't disappear when you turn off the display. Its aesthetically appealing awesomeness always remains as you can personalise its AOD, Always On Display (analogue clock, seamless wallpaper, even DYI AOD), or practical AOD with tools, notifications, etc. What do you fancy?

Now prepare for something different: did you know that LG OLED TV has won big at the EISA Awards for 5 years running? Nothing makes more sense than joining this incredible feature inside our state-of-the-art phone. LG V30 carries a playful LG OLED FullVision display, which provides unbeatable performance and vivid HDR images. We’ve talked about the display, but what about the camera? Well, you’re in for a real treat as our market-leading mobile cine camera is on board! When you see the difference, you’ll think you were shooting through a plastic lens before! A pristine glass lens presents more detailed images because it improves the dynamic range. You can be a movie director with Cine Video! Just imagine having that cinematic look on videos just by using professional colour pre-sets. The smooth, stable and speed-controlled zoom will leave no detail unrevealed. It´s like you have your own movie studio in the palm of your hand: you can cut and edit easily, correct colour or add background music to your outstanding footage. Moving children, sports, animals, nature… you name it, nothing will be left unnoticed.

We help you dream big! That’s why we introduced a serious range of improvement of wide-angle camera by reducing the distortion rate. You have to see it with your own eyes!

“The LG V30 video capabilities are top notch. I’ve had some time to really use the V30 and it definitely impresses me.”

- David Franco, (Director of Photography for Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire & Desperate Housewives) -

Keep that pep in your step with our B&O Play audio capabilities – fine-tuned, high quality sound for your music on the go. A set of high quality B&O PLAY earphones comes bundled with the V30 for hours of listening pleasure with style.. The new Quad DAC for enhanced Hi-Fi experience will sweep you off your feet.

Plus, it’s Hi-Fi Streaming Ready. What else can you ask for?

For those who ask for more, here we have lots of great features: water and dust resistance (securing an IP68 rating), wireless charging, high performance and network and various access possibilities; in addition to easy solution like, face, voice, touch and KnockCode recognition. This beauty really is a revelation, in exclusive colours, Cloud Silver and Moroccan Blue.

“The Google Assistant now features voice commands dedicated to LG Mobile. With the V30, you will be able to activate the camera in wide angle, cinema mode or manual mode.”

- Scott Huffman, (VP Engineering, Google Assistant) -

We took the LG V30 to Berlin and we presented it for demonstration at IFA 2017. People couldn't stop talking about the camera, it’s high quality finish and revolutionary OLED FullVision Display. Welcome to the future of smartphones.

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