*218PPI is supported for 27MD5KL only.
*Built-in Camera is supported for 27MD5KL only.
**27MD5KL supports one Thunderbolt™ 3 port and three downstream USB Type-C™ ports. 24MD4KL supports two Thunderbolt™ 3 ports and three downstream USB Type-C™ ports.
  • Film & Video Editor1 Film & Video Editor2

    Film & Video Editor

    They needed detailed and accurate monitors for editing work using raw materials such as video footage, graphics and special effect.

  • Shutterbugs1 Shutterbugs2


    They are known as enthusiastic amateur photographers, who are snapping pictures with a high-end cameras and value the fine colour matching Mac.

  • Programmers1 Programmers2


    They work night and day until they get the satisfactory results. The seamless operation with Mac helps them to work more comfortably.

  • Avid Investors1 Avid Investors2

    Avid Investors

    The high security and usability are very important factors in finance. Also a sophisticated design is one of the reasons why they need UltraFine™.

  • Value Shoppers1 Value Shoppers2

    Value Shoppers

    The value of product or service is the first thing for them. And they love to show off their enviable items with the reasons for decision.

  • Business Professionals1 Business Professionals2

    Business Professionals

    They put great emphasis on strictness and formality. Working with a sleek designed UltraFine™ monitor is part of their dress code.