LG OLED Objet Collection – Easel 65 inch TV 2022

Easel seen from the front in Full View, slightly angled left and leaning against the wall.

EASEL in Line View moves downwards and turns left as the screen extends into Full View and the TV is placed against a deep blue wall. A painting on an easel appears from the right at a 45-degree angle.

More than a TV —
a work of art


One TV transforms your interior

The unique easel-inspired design turns your TV into a work of art and transforms your space. Creating an artistic mood, the never-before-seen design is a statement piece that makes your living room, complete.

EASEL in Line View leaning against a wall with decorative molding. It sits next to a painting on the wall and behind an intricately designed rug.

Leaning Install

Like a canvas on an easel

Create a space all your own by installing EASEL at an angle, as if placing a canvas on an easel. This one small detail can transform your space.

Close-up of EASEL on the floor leaning against the wall together with a painting and decorative plant.

*Angle of Leaning Install can be adjusted to a maximum of 5˚. This is an approximate figure and an exact 5˚ angle is not guaranteed.
**Leaning Install requires wall mount installation.

Zero Gap Install

Like artwork in a gallery

Install EASEL flush with the wall and it becomes like an artwork in a gallery, with the beautiful frame creating perfect harmony and balance in your space.

Close-up of EASEL on the floor leaning against the wall together with a painting and decorative plant.

*Rear cable bracket must be removed before installation.

**Zero Gap Install requires wall mount installation


A digital canvas for artists

LG believes artists can use their imagination to create a new kind of digital art never seen before.

The top image shows Easel leaning against a wall in a neutral-colored room showing an abstract artwork featuring baseballs on the screen. Across from the TV sits a wooden table that also has baseballs on it. The bottom right image shows Easel leaning against a bright floral patterned wall with a red and green color scheme. A picture of a woman against the same background as the surrounding wall is on the screen. The fabric textured stand also has the same pattern. Beside the TV, there is a red one-person sofa. The bottom left image shows Easel leaning against a textured terracotta-colored wall. An abstract red, orange, and purple image fills the screen. On either side of the TV, there are beige, textured one-person sofas.

Moooi x Easel unveils "A Life Extraordinary"

The image shows a person sitting on a chair looking at dreamlike scenery set among the clouds playing on Easel. On another wall, an LG OLED display shows an image of snow-covered trees reaching into the sky.

"Among the Sky" on Easel at Frieze NYC 2023

Line View & Full View

Experience two views

With the moving cover, you get a new display experience on the same TV. Use Line View to decorate your space with daily information, then switch to Full View to enjoy the complete screen. Every moment you’re not watching TV blends in with your home and everyday life.

*The moving cover is remote controllable and only supports Line View and Full View.

Line View

Adding new perspective to your everyday

In Line View, you can see everyday information like the time, and weather in a variety of themes, designs, and motions, or turn on some music and enjoy the modern yet subtle UI and equalizer screensaver. The two create an artful experience that enhances the atmosphere of your space.

Close-up of EASEL leaning against the wall as Line View displays the time and weather with a textured oil painting theme on-screen. Line View displaying the time and weather with a pink architectural theme. Line View displaying the time and weather with a black and white paint strokes theme. Line View displaying the time and weather with a sky theme. Line View displaying the time and weather with a khaki green 3D object theme. Line View displaying the music player with a line pattern theme. Line View displaying the time and weather with a colourful painting theme.

Full View

A new world when you open the screen

Switch to Full View and see how OLED evo and 80W 4.2ch sound turn EASEL into a work of multimedia art.

EASEL in Full View seen blending into the decor of three living rooms. EASEL displays sand dunes on-screen while leaning against a green wall surrounded by colourful objects. EASEL displays moose on-screen while leaning against a brick wall in front of a leather sofa. EASEL displays waves crashing on-screen in an industrial-inspired interior.

Gallery Mode

Set the mood with a masterpiece

Gallery Mode turns every moment into a masterpiece with natural and minimalist videos to enjoy when you’re not watching TV.

Close-up of the Kvadrat textile. Kvadrat textile partially seen on the lower section of the EASEL.

Premium Textile

Stunning yet durable materials

Uniquely exceptional fabric was handpicked through our collaboration with premium textile brand Kvadrat. Complete with beauty, sound delivery, and durability, the fabric enhances your space and gives it a sense of elegance.

*Kvadrat is a premium textile brand in Denmark.

OLED evo

Powerful performance for incredible picture

OLED evo is where powerful performance meets cutting-edge technology. With its Brightness Booster expressing 20%* brighter picture, whites are whiter, blacks darker, and details even more defined — helping you experience a whole new level of immersion.

EASEL in Full View displaying a whale underneath the water while sunlight shines from above. The picture goes beyond the TV, demonstrating its immersive picture.

*Comparison based on the Full White measurement of LG OLED TVs, excluding the OLED evo series.
**Screen images simulated.

EASEL seen in Full View with a ballerina on-screen. Circles representing sound notes emit from the TV to demonstrate how the sound is powerful enough to fill the room.

80W Sound

Cinematic, room-filling sound

The EASEL delivers incredible multi-dimensional sound thanks to a powerful 80W output and room-filling 4.2 channels, making you feel like you’re front row at the cinema.

LG α9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K processor chip with blue circuits running from it.
α9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K

For the optimal picture, sound, and experience

With a deep learning-based artificial intelligence dataset, the state-of-the-art processor optimises picture and sound based on the content you watch. Powering AI Picture Pro*, it restores content and reduces noise to create crisp, almost lifelike visuals.

*AI Picture Pro will not work with any copyright-protected content, including those on OTT services.

What's in the Box

(“What’s in the Box” content, displaying the product and its accompanying accessories.)

Wall Mount Kit: 1. Bracket for External Device  2. Wall Mount Bracket  3. Wall Fixing Bracket  4. Cable Management  5. Wall Fixing Bracket Fixing Screw  6. Wall Fixing Bracket Fixing Anchor  7. Wall Mounting Bracket Fixing Screw  8. Installation Manual

Accessory Kit: A. Battery  B. Remote Controller  C. IR Repeater Fixing Tape  D. IR Repeater Stand  E. IR Blaster  F. Cable Holder  G. IR Repeater  H. User Guide  I. Front Cover Stopper


*The images of the product and accompanying accessories are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual items or vary by region.

Key Spec

  • Display Type

    4K OLED

  • Refresh Rate

    100Hz Native

  • Wide Colour Gamut

    Perfect Colour

  • Picture Processor

    α9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K

  • HDR (High Dynamic Range)

    Dolby Vision IQ / HDR10 / HLG

  • Dolby Atmos


  • TV Dimensions without Stand (WxHxD)

    1462 x 1568 x 54.8

  • TV Weight without Stand


All Spec


  • Display Type

    4K OLED

  • Display Resolution

    4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)

  • Refresh Rate

    100Hz Native

  • Wide Colour Gamut

    Perfect Colour


  • AI Genre Selection

    Yes (SDR/HDR/Dolby HDR)

  • AI Brightness Control


  • Picture Processor

    α9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K

  • AI Picture

    AI Picture Pro

  • HDR (High Dynamic Range)

    Dolby Vision IQ / HDR10 / HLG

  • AI Upscaling

    AI 4K Upscaling



  • Dynamic Tone Mapping

    Yes (Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro)

  • HFR (High Frame Rate)

    4K 120 fps (HDMI, RF, USB)

  • Picture Mode

    9 modes (Vivid, Standard, Eco, Cinema, Sports, Game, Filmmaker, (ISF)Expert(Bright Room), (ISF)Expert(Dark Room))

  • Dimming Technology

    Pixel Dimming

  • Motion

    OLED Motion


  • HGIG Mode


  • Game Optimiser

    Yes (Game Dashboard)

  • ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode)


  • VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)



  • Operating System (OS)

    webOS 22

  • ThinQ


  • Home Dashboard


  • USB Camera Compatible


  • Works with Apple Homekit


  • Works with Apple Airplay2


  • Art Gallery


  • Sports Alert


  • Family Settings


  • The security update is supported until



  • LG Sound Sync


  • Sound Mode Share


  • Simultaneous Audio Output


  • Bluetooth Surround Ready

    Yes (2 Way Playback)

  • Dolby Atmos


  • AI Sound

    AI Sound Pro (Virtual 7.1.2 Up-mix)

  • Clear Voice Pro



  • SPDIF (Optical Digital Audio Out)


  • Simplink (HDMI CEC)


  • Bluetooth Support

    Yes (v 5.0)


  • High Contrast


  • Gray Scale


  • Invert Colors



  • TV Dimensions without Stand (WxHxD)

    1462 x 1568 x 54.8

  • Packaging Dimensions (WxHxD)

    1660 x 1835 x 330

  • Packaging Weight (kg)


  • TV Weight without Stand


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