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[Washing Machine] Knocking / Banging noise

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  • Last Updated 03/06/2014


Knocking / Banging Noise



 These noises can occur when the machine is slanted to one side or not horizontally balanced.
  If the same problem occurs when the load is evenly spread, check that the washing machine is leveled.


How to Level
 ① Balance the washing machine using the height adjustment legs so that when using a spirit level ,the bubble in the

      middle. this is applicable to both top and front load machines. There may be other causes, however this is the most common.
 ② with top load washers, allow water to enter the machine with no clothes. stop the machine when water reaches the height of lower tub ring. use the water as a leveling guide

      when adjusting the front feet so that the machine is as level as possible.

      ※ Height adjustment legs are located only in the front of top load models. Front load washers can be adjusted from each leg if necessary. 



Slanted load 

 ① Does noise occurs sporadically based on the amount of type of laundry?

     This occurs due to imbalanced laundry. Evenly balanced laundry in the tub will also improve spinning.
     When the clothes are bundled to one side, this can cause poor spinning or even an unbalanced error. if this occurs , the machine will

     then refill and wash again to attempt to distribute the load before attempting to spin again.




 ① Is the washing machine installed on a firm and flat surface? ( concrete or tiled floor, etc.)

     When the surface is not firm, (timber flooring) vibration can occur during spinning and will resonate through the
     surface if it is not firm. Reinstall the washing machine on a firm surface.

 ② Is the surface slippery? (e.g. tiles, lino)

     The washing machine may move during spinning on a slippery surface. Install the washing machine
     on a non-slippery surface or remove dust on the floor. Anti slip pads should be placed under each foot in these cases. These can be purchased from hardware stores.




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