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Control Panel of Dishwasher

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  • Last Updated 16/05/2018

SUBJECT : Control Panel of Dishwasher - XD Series



function Function


■ The meaning of each icons on the control panel

■The usage of each buttons on the control panel




check point Check point



■ Control Panel of XD Series




Press Power button to turn power on and off. 

• After the cycle is complete, the power automatically turns off for purposes of 

  safety and economy.

• If there is a power surge, power outage, or disruption of any kind, power is

  automatically turned off for safety.



   Digital Display 

 - The digital display on the control panel shows the ESTIMATED time of cycle.

   When the cycle and options are selected, the display shows the total estimated  

   time to complete those selections. During operation, the display shows the 

   remaining estimated operating time.

 - The estimated time shown on the display does not include delay times for

   heating water, etc.

 - If Delay Start is selected, the display shows the delay time in hours.

 - The Auto cycle time may vary depending on the soil level of your load.


   Rinse Aid Icon

 - This icon illuminates when the rinse aid level is low. The LED automatically

   shuts off when the rinse aid is refilled or the level is set to 0.


  Smart Diagnosis Logo and   Smart ThinQ logo may be located either on the front of the appliance or the top of the door. (Depending on the Model)  


   Machine Clean Icon

 - This icon flashes after every 30 cycles, and while the Machine Clean cycle is running.

 - To activate or deactivate the icon, press the Intensive button for 3 seconds.



 - When the appliance is connected to the internet through a home Wi-Fi network,

   this icon illuminates.


  Salt refill Icon

 - This icon illuminates when the salt level is low. The LED automatically shuts off

    when the salt is refilled.





• The drain pump activates and the cycle cancels. Once the appliance finishes

 draining, the power turns off.  



• To operate the appliance, close the door and press Start button.

• If Start button is not pressed to start the cycle within 4 minutes, the power will

  automatically turn off.



Chime On/Off

• To activate or deactivate the button sounds, press and hold Dual Zone and Energy

  Saver simultaneously for 3 seconds. The error alert sound cannot be turned off.










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