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Why does Empty Water appear on display?

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  • Last Updated 27/04/2015

Why does Empty Water appear on display?




cause Cause


       - If a dryer stops running and Empty Water flashes on display, the dryer is not properly draining.



how to fix How to fix


     1. Empty Water will flash at the beginning of a cycle when Power is pressed.


           Empty Water

                             <Empty Water appears>


      2. Please empty a water container before using a dryer.


      3. Place laundry in a tub and Press/Pause button to start drying. Empty Water will disappear.


      4. Empty Water appears when the unit cannot proceed drying as the water tank is full with water.
          The products will pause.


      5. Empty the tank and press Start/Pause button to resume drying.


      6. When a drain hose is installed, please check if the hose is twisted or bent, a end of the hose is higher than the dryer,
          or the
end of the hose is submerged in the water for efficient draining.


           Drain hose installation




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