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The revolutionary TV screen technology LG OLED evo makes its premiere
New G1 series adds Self-Lit Pixels to extend infinite contrast performance
83-inch model of the gaming-dedicated C1 series creates the most dramatic and optimally practical gaming screen
Newly launched LG OLED TV A1 series lets everyone enjoy the flawless picture
quality of OLED technology in a mainstream TV release


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The revolutionary TV screen technology LG OLED evo makes its premiere

New G1 series adds Self-Lit Pixels to extend infinite contrast performance

83-inch model of the gaming-dedicated C1 series creates the most dramatic and optimally practical gaming screen

Newly launched LG OLED TV A1 series lets everyone enjoy the flawless picture quality of OLED technology in a mainstream TV release


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[Hong Kong – April 21, 2021] – LG Electronics Hong Kong (LG) is committed to developing screen technology that breaks through the limitations of existing standards. This year, LG has made major strides with its OLED screen technology, releasing a next-generation iteration of this tech with the OLED evo, as well as introducing the first LG OLED-equipped mainstream TV series, the evo G1 series. LG also announces an all-round upgrade to a number of popular OLED TV series, including the flagship LG Signature 8K OLED TV which combines LG's self-lit pixel technology with Real 8K resolution, the stunning 83-inch gaming OLED C1 series, and newly launched consumer-friendly OLED A1 series. LG OLED is also a low blue light display1, meaning that it reduces eye discomfort for users when spending hours watching high-definition pictures. Meanwhile, LG has also updated the software of its TVs in 2021 to the webOS 6.0 smart system, bringing a smart home entertainment experience tailored to each individual user.


LG Self-Lit Pixel technology makes its extraordinary debut in OLED evo

LG has constantly challenged itself by driving innovations in its own OLED screen technology to create more precise color representation, and a wider dynamic range. In 2020, LG received a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for its OLED displays, which were collectively named “the Hollywood reference screen”. For 2021, LG has launched a new generation of this screen technology in LG OLED evo, bringing Gallery OLED evo TV G1 series into an ultra-thin seamless design. By changing the wavelength of light, the brightness of the screen is significantly increased, enhancing contrast and sharpness of the screen. Also true to the original "100% color reproduction" ideal, every detail and texture of the image can now be more accurately portrayed, and overall display performance is more dynamic and more lifelike.


The Gallery OLED evo TV G1 series continues a journey into epoch-making aesthetics by use of a seamless, hidden wall-mounted design, and they take to being “hung” on home interior walls like a painted artwork in a gallery, thereby making living areas more elegant. In addition to the neatly-realized wall-mounted design, G1 TVs can be equipped with a new gallery stand that can helpfully gather and group cables, keeping installation areas clean and neat.


Adding an 83-inch option to the premier choice for gaming enthusiasts, the C1 series: plus entry-level OLED TV A1 series launched simultaneously

LG has crafted an upgraded flagship version of the 4K OLED gaming TV, C1 series. With up to a 120Hz screen refresh rate, the C1 series supports HGiG to connect to new-generation game consoles, adding a Game Optimizer mode which displays output game modes/values on the screen for one-click convenience. The screen is certified by NVIDIA® G-SYNC® and FreeSync Premium technology, so for players participating in high-level online competitive gaming, arena experiences are relayed with the maximum of accurate representation without flickering, tearing or delay. With 55-inch and 48-inch options suitable for mainstream gamers too, the C1 series TVs look great in any modern home interior, adding a touch of live performance art or gaming engagement to living room areas, or for watching relaxing movies in bedrooms or dedicated movie rooms.


LG has also introduced the A1 series this year in order to allow more users to upgrade from traditional TVs to LG OLED TVs. The minimalist design, along with a 48-inch size option, makes it easier for users to enjoy the gorgeous, rich and detailed pictures brought about through the use of LG’s self-lit OLED technology.


King-sized flagship 8K OLED TV debuts as new upgraded series

The flagship model of the LG Signature 8K OLED TV with "Real 8K" resolution is upgraded to become the Z1 series in 2021, retaining its extra-large 88-inch screen and stylish frame design. Combined with LG OLED self-luminous elements, at only 7.8mm the ultra-thin OLED screen presents unprecedented depth of detail and picture quality in true 8K resolution. The Z1 TV sets a flawless standard at the top of the range, with unparalleled color contrast and perfectly pure blacks and shadow areas, so users can experience the full majesty of 8K resolution on an oversized display. LG’s Signature 8K OLED also features Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos, Filmmaker Mode™ for accurate cinema-style reproduction of films, as well as support for NVIDIA®G-SYNC®, HGiG, and compatibility for AirPlay2, HomeKit and Miracast.


Certified as an Eye Comfort Display with low blue light, showing bright colors while remaining safe for eyes

LG understands that users sometimes are concerned about the burden on the eyesight caused by long periods of intense TV watching. Not only has it obtained UL Verified Mark certification of Low Blue Light Content[1] for LG OLED screen technology in 2021, but LG is also able to confirm that the volume of blue light is only 29% (the low-level index specified in the standard is 50%). Moreover, as OLED TV's splash rate is close to 0%, it is recognized as a Flicker Free and Eye Comfort Display. LG has added eye-protection screen functionality to the 2021 OLED TV too, so users can effectively turn down the level of blue light to provide users with vivid images whilst protecting the eyes.


Comprehensively updated software and artificial intelligence technology achieve a next-generation TV experience

In addition to being equipped with exceptional display panels, LG Signature 8K OLED Z1, OLED evo G1 and OLED C1 series all adopt fourth-generation α9 artificial intelligence image processors with deep learning and analysis capabilities. Via ‘AI Picture Pro’, the device automatically selects the best display settings after making reference to a database of over one million pictures/data according to related algorithms, scene and ambient light/dark analysis. The Z1 series is capable of detecting human faces as well as other complex objects such as cars, animals and environments, thereby actively managing contrast and line display performance around a given subject or subjects independently. Furthermore, with new-generation AI Sound Pro, LG TVs automatically adjust volume according to the environment, as well as upgrading general stereo playback recordings into a virtual 5.1.2 multi-channel stereo soundstage for captivating audio performance during films, TV, music and gaming.


LG has also updated the webOS 6.0 system interface for all TVs in 2021, changing it from a simple program display to a content-oriented system. The 6.0 version is able to recommend related programs based on the user’s preferences/past viewings and personal settings, offering a more convenient, relevant and entertaining use experience for users.


Launch Date and Retail Price

The LG OLED Z1, G1, C1 and A1 TV series are available for sale today at authorized retailers. Suggested retail prices are as follows:


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[1] LG OLED TV has received UL Verified Mark certificate number #BB47319, A900783, A987298 and TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification in 2020.