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Do you want to know more about CPU/RAM Optimization (L-OS basis)?

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  • Last Updated 07/06/2016

You will get a better experience in phone usage, if you secure enough memory and storage space

RAM is a type of memory that stores the data for reading and writing.

For a phone, you can check the RAM domain in ‘Settings> General> App> In progress.’

A phone may slow down or generate the response error pop-up window if user data memory (eMMC/ROM) or app execution memory (RAM) is insufficient.

To secure RAM memory

1. Do not press the Home button but press the Back button to completely terminate an app.

2. Move to Menu> Settings> General> Apps> Select Running> Select a running process> Move to Stop.

3. Terminate the basic apps (e.g., App Manager) that are running but are not actually used.

(Different basic apps may be installed according to the model.)

4. Run Smart Doctor or Smart Cleaning app to clean up the CPU/RAM.

What to do when the ‘Not enough free memory’ pop-up is displayed in the User Data area and the phone is slowed down.

1. Delete unused apps to secure more memory.

2. Manage the memory by removing an app in Menu> Settings> General> App or moving to the SD card.


Some apps may not be supported in the SD card.

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