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[TV] Само-диагностика и устранение неисправностей

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If you experience the following with your product, please check again to make sure that product normally works.


1. Cannot turn on TV


     - Check if the power cord is plugged to the TV and outlet.

     - Check if the correct power cord is plugged.


2. The remote control does not work


     - Set your remote control by pressing the wheel or the button.

     - Make sure there are no barriers between the remote control and TV.

     - Check if the batteries are installed properly.

     - The batteries are dead. Replace them with new ones.


3. The power turns off automatically


     - Follow「Smart Home Menu  Settings è Time è Off Time」to check settings.

     - Check if a program is displayed or an external device is working.

       The product is equipped with automatic off feature.

       (Automatic off feature – When there is no signal or no buttons are pressed, TV will be turned off

       automatically after 15 minutes.)


4. Safety Self-Assessment for TVs Used for a Long Time


     • Nothing is displayed when the TV is turned on.
     • Smoke or a burnt smell occurs.
     • There is water or debris inside.
     • The image is cut off .
     • Strange sounds come from the inside frequently.
     • Screen or sound is still displayed when the TV is turned off.
     • There are other troubles or errors.
     If you have experienced those above, stop using product.    
      - For your safety, turn off and unplug.
      - Call where you purchased the product or   service center.
      - Do not try to fix on your own.


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