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Cooking Issues

 How to fix

Humming Sound

Humming Sounds are either the fan running or the Magnetron operating. The Magnetron will hum when in operation. Depending on the power level set, the Magnetron may not stay on the entire time.

It can make humming noise at the beginning but it is normal.
Magnetron will hum during operation.

Is humming sound heard during defrost?

During defrost, the unit will circulate air throughout the cavity by a fan. The Magnetron will turn on and run for a little time, then shut off while the fan continues to circulate the air around the food. This will allow for proper defrost without overcooking food.

Depending on the power level set, the magnetron may stay on the entire time.

Unplug the unit and plug it back in to reboot it and to check unit

Rattling Noise

If the unit have installation problem and the top of the unit store something, the unit makes rattling noise.

Clunk Noise

Clunk sounds can be caused by
1. Over size cookware.
2. Wrong installation of the Rotating Ring.
3. Food particles on roller and turntable.

Clicking Sounds

Clicking sounds can be caused by a couple of things. It can be the sound of the Magnetron turning on and off. It can also be the sound of the door latch.

Squeaking Sounds

When the unit is first installed you must remove the tape over the shaft at the bottom, or it will make squeaking sounds. If placing a lot of food on the glass tray, the glass tray will not move smoothly because of the weight. To ensure proper operation and cooking performance, do not place too much food in the unit at one time. 

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