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It’s like a dream come true – having all your household appliances working in unison so you can do more of what you enjoy, and less of what you don’t. LG’s ThinQ technology has revolutionized the way your household can work for you, but how does it really make life better? At IFA 2018, you’ll be able to see for yourself with the ThinQ travel, style and gourmet themed zones.

The personalization features, coupled with seamless connectivity and diverse platform selection all come together to create the perfect platform for AI today and tomorrow. And whether you make it to the exhibition or not, here are 11 ThinQ features we’re most excited to see become regulars in today’s household and beyond.

1. Make your fridge work for you

You can now do so much more with your fridge than just switching it on, thanks to ThinQ. Change the temperature wherever you are, cooling down drinks quickly when needed; produce more ice on the go so it’s ready when you get home; and select sleep mode when you’re away to conserve electricity. Even better, the Smart Grid feature sets the energy levels to the most cost-effective option at all times, saving you cash in the long term.

2. Set the right mode and your home will do the rest

With modes such as vacation, pleasant, home and away, you can easily set up your appliances to do what needs to be done while saving energy. Your lights can adjust for your arrival, your air purifier can create clean air, or your appliances can go into sleep mode and your vacuum cleaner can tirelessly work while you’re away. It’s so simple.

3. Tell your TV what you want

You can ask your TV anything; what the weather will be, if you need a coat outside, who that actor is in your favourite show, what movies you can watch tonight, what is on the other channels… let your imagination run wild and ThinQ will get smarter over time to better understand what you need.

4. Have your oven ready at the right time

You just purchased a delicious pizza at the supermarket for dinner – and with ThinQ, you won’t have to wait for the oven to heat up before you start cooking. Simply set the oven to pre-heat on your smartphone from wherever you are, and don’t wait a moment longer than needed.

5. Show off your pictures without downloading delays

Gone are the days of waiting to load your pictures before you can see them on the big screen. Simply ask your phone to take a picture (‘Hey Google, take a selfie!’) then when you get home, you can share your pics with family and friends on your LG TV with simple voice commands.

6. Let your vacuum cleaner do the work

One task we all hate is vacuuming; especially when there are kids, animals and rogue feet around. But thanks to ThinQ, you can turn on your robot vacuum while you’re not even in the house; on a schedule or spontaneously; and even set your air purifier to clear up any unsettled dust after this usually arduous chore.

7. Set your music to suit your mood

It’s Saturday and you’ve got loads to catch up on; why not set the music to match every task? An energetic playlist for your workout; a relaxed one while you read; the classics while you concentrate; and finally some uplifting music while you get ready for the evening. And it no longer takes hours of music selection; just ask your WK7 ThinQ speaker and it will deliver suggestions based on your tastes.

A woman sitting in her living room, using her LG remote control to speak to her LG OLED Wallpaper TV.
A woman sitting in her living room, using her LG remote control to speak to her LG OLED Wallpaper TV.

8. Purify your air for when you get home

The benefits of air purifiers are wide-reaching, but having to remember to turn it on when you arrive home every night – and then waiting for it to get going – can put a dampener on results. But with ThinQ, you can set your air purifier to be at its best as you arrive home, ensuring the air you breathe is always clean.

9. Let ThinQ play doctor to your appliances

The party is about to start, and you just need your speaker/tv/fridge/to work – and as is Murphy’s Law, this is always the time it will stop working. But ThinQ has other ideas. Find out when there’s an issue with your appliance immediately with Smart Diagnosis, and have it fixed promptly so it’s at its best when you need it most.

10. Set your home to work with you all day

Wake up and say ‘good morning Google’, and everything will be set just the way you like it. Your air conditioner, your TV, your air purifier, your schedule and your favourite music will all be ready to go. And when your to-do list is read to you first thing, you’ll feel in a more productive mood already.

11. Watch TV and sleep better

When it gets late it can be tempting to fall asleep in front of the TV. And thanks to ThinQ you can set your TV to turn off automatically when your program is done. Then you can sleep soundly, without waking up to the bright lights of a random program at 3am.

Life's good!