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Who can face the thought of tackling the household chores after a long day? When you want to put your feet up, you’re left dealing with a laundry list of tasks (including five loads of laundry). It’s a pain to put up with, but at least smart technology is making homes more intelligent.

Here at IFA in Berlin, LG are showcasing all the ways their products can help you relax for longer. Each dedicated zone focuses on a different aspect of your life and how LG can make it better. Stop by to discover how you can travel with ease, or plan the perfect dinner party in the Travel and Gourmet zones.

And let’s not forget about the ThinQ Style zone, perhaps the most important of all. The need to keep your home in check never goes away, but the technology to deal with it is always evolving.

Organise your home intelligently - at home or away

You’ve just left your house. Did you switch off the air purifier and start the vacuum cleaner? There’s no need to turn back with the ThinQ app. Connect it to your home appliances and tools for a smarter way to organise and control your home.

If you’ve popped to the shops or you’re travelling all over the world, you can check in on your home at any time. Use the app when you’re home too. There’s no need to get off the sofa to start or stop your CordZero R9 ThinQ robot vacuum cleaner, or to check the condition of the air with your LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier.

Unpack with ease

Getting home from your holiday is a mixed bag of emotions. You’re glad to be home, sad your trip is over, and not looking forward to unpacking. Take a look at how the LG Styler and upcoming TWINWashTM ThinQ will revolutionise your post-holiday haze.

Always wash your clothes on the perfect cycle with the recommendations from the TWINWashTM washing machine, on show here at IFA. Just use voice commands to tell the machine what you’re washing, and it will suggest the optimal cycle for efficient cleaning.

There’s no need to worry about running out of detergent, with alerts to let you know when you’re getting low. Ordering more couldn’t be easier - simply take a pic with your LG G7ThinQ and order through Amazon.

Meanwhile, the LG Styler is the ultimate storage system with a built in steamer. Keep your clothes ready to go, and reduce the amount you need to dry clean. You can even set the Styler to sanitize toys, bedding and other items, ready to store away for when you next need them.

Let your house do the work

Have a sneak peek at the LG SIGNATURE wine cellar at IFA to see how it will complete your smart kitchen. There’s no need to open the door or even get up from the sofa if you’re wondering what’s in the fridge. Instantly see what’s inside, thanks to internal cameras responding to your voice.

Check if you have any of that incredible Champagne left from your last trip to France, see what you need to put on your shopping list, or get recipe recommendations for dinner. Order things you need right from your wine cellar too. Can’t be bothered to move? Use ThinQ to control your heating with only your voice, or to tell your TV what to put on next. When your home is this intelligent it can take care of these things with simple voice commands.

What the Future Holds - CleanBot and ShoppingBot

We’re not just showcasing our latest innovations here at IFA. Our CleanBots are currently being tested in airports in South Korea, and could be coming to your home soon to take cleaning off your hands. ShoppingBot will be arriving in supermarkets in the near future too. Shopping will be a breeze with this personal shopping guide, getting essential information about items and paying for your goods all with one clever bot.

Find us at IFA 2018 in Berlin and relax in our Style Zone. We can’t wait to see you! 

Find out more about ThinQ here before you come down. #LGxIFA2018

*Product availability will vary according to country. Check with your local provider for details.

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