Reviewers say OLED TVs are among the best you can buy. But is one right for you?If you’re on the fence before making your next big TV purchase, or simply want to know more about OLED technology, our guide highlights 9 reasons why OLED is well worth upgrading from your current TV.

1. OLED uses a completely new TV technology

So, why buy an OLED TV? Well, typically TVs have used the same screen technology for the past decade or so. Picture quality has been enhanced by the change from HD to 4K resolution, and the use of local dimming. But LCD/LED screens underpin everything – using a backlight to illuminate pixels and create a picture.

OLED TVs are completely different and have changed the TV technology game. They do not need a backlight. They use self-lighting pixels, which can completely switch off with no light passing through. This is fundamental to why OLED TVs are so good.

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2. It’s the best way to see outer space from home

Space: it’s captivated us since the day man first walked on the moon. But the closest most of us will get is watching on our TV. 

Space is blankets of black dotted with brilliant stars and planets. OLED TVs give you the deepest, inkiest blacks so space really does look like space. Stars shine brighter and more defined against the big black.

That’s why NASA’s UHD TV channel, Harmonic, says OLED “takes people closer to the experience of being in space”.

3. OLED TVs ensure that everyone can catch a slice of the action

Inviting friends and family over for game day? With OLED TVs you don’t have to worry about where everyone will be sitting, thanks its wide viewing angle.

Unlike most TVs, OLED TVs offer unmatched viewing angles compared to their traditional LED counterparts, ensuring an accurate screen and top-notch colour and brightness from even the most severe off-angles. So, no matter where you're seated in the room, you're getting the best picture quality possible.

4. TV experts are big OLED fans 

Geoffrey Morrison at tech site CNET says ‘OLED may be the picture quality king’ in his guide comparing OLED and LCD/LED TV technology.

One of the most important elements of TV picture quality is its ability to switch effortlessly between black colours and bright whites – this is known as black levels and contrast ratio. Morrison says OLED is the winner in both these areas. 

He wraps up by saying “OLED wins for overall picture quality”. There are of course areas where LED/LCD technology wins out, including screen size and price. 

5. OLED is an amazing way to enjoy 4K 

There’s a lot of confusion around different TVs. Many people ask Google things like: is OLED better than 4K?

The answer is it’s not a binary choice: All OLED TVs are today 4K. Whereas 4K TVs are not all OLED. 

Why is this? OLED is a type of screen, whereas 4K is a screen resolution. Any type of screen – be it OLED or LED – can have 4K resolution. And with a whole world of 4K content on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Sky, OLED TV is an incredible way to watch it. If you want to see the best content at its very best, OLED is worth it.

6. They don’t need 4K content to look amazing 

The absolute best way to watch your OLED TV is with 4K HDR content mentioned above. But they still look incredible when watching regular movies and TV. 

That’s because the OLED screen technology doesn’t rely on resolution and HDR to deliver deeper black colours and incredible contrast. So pretty much anything you watch on OLED TV will look great. So even if you're not watching 4K HDR box-sets, OLED is worth it. 

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7. Keeps the pace with Call of Duty

Games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and the upcoming Modern Warfare move fast. Snipers appear in your peripheral vision. Bullets are unleashed from guns. Blink and you will miss it – unless you’re playing with an OLED TV.

OLED TVs boast the two most important features to gamers: low input lag and fast response time. OLED TVs keep pace with the most intense in-game action – and every twitch of your controller appears instantly on the screen. 

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8. The whole family gets a great view

The best place to sit when watching the TV – the so-called ‘sweet spot’ – is directly opposite the screen. But when you’re watching as a family or group of friends, securing that spot can be a challenge. For movie nights or big games, people inevitably end up sat out on the wing.

With an OLED TV, you can enjoy the same picture quality no matter where you’re sat thanks to the screen’s wide viewing angle technology.

With regular TVs the colour fades as you move to the side of the screen, but OLED TVs offer some of the widest viewing angles – according to RTINGS.

9. TVs have never looked this good

Your TV likely takes up a relatively prominent place in your living room so it’s important it complements rather than distracts from your interior design. TVs have become more stylish in recent years, but OLED TVs win global design awards like the Red Dot for their design and style. 

Why OLED TVs look so great:

  • Millimetre-thin screens that sit almost flush against your wall 
  • Screens bonded onto single sheets of metal or glass 
  • Pictures that reach the very edge of the screen with minimal bezels

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