LG CES 2018 - ThinQ: Smarter Solutions. Simpler Life | LG EXPERIENCE

What instantly comes to your mind when people mention artificial intelligence (AI)? Robots? Isaac Asimov? The Matrix?

Is there a slight uncertainty having to deal with the unknown? Do you wish someone would just explain everything to you without the technical jargon; in simple layman's terms? How does AI play out in daily life? We'll do our best to explain how AI can not only simplify your life, but also enrich it. By freeing you from grunt work, AI allows you to spend your precious time and energy on the people and things you love.

After all, isn't this simple happiness what we are all in pursuit of? 

LG's focus on the ‘good life’ means that we dedicate tremendous amounts of effort and energy to create an ecosystem that makes customers’ lives easier. Naturally, this led LG to pursue advancements in AI to make life even better. 

So what really is AI, anyway? Simply put, AI mimics the human cognitive function; especially in the way it learns and solves problems through processing data over time. Essentially this means that machines can now remember, learn, and improve performance to better satisfy your preferences and wants. For instance, instead of having to add a cream and two sugars on your own every time, the AI-enhanced coffee machine will do that for you, and even serve it at the temperature you like best upon your command. It's sort of like the barista that knows your coffee order and has it ready by the time you reach the cashier.

With this objective in mind, LG established the Artificial Intelligence Lab in Korea to develop DeepThinQ, the proprietary AI development platform with deep learning capabilities. This platform enabled LG to seamlessly integrate AI into a litany of products. At CES 2018, LG launched the AI integrated ThinQ line of devices and appliances.

The ThinQ line of devices and appliances are equipped with AI functions such as voice, video, sensor, spatial and body recognition and detection. All these technologies, along with the support of cloud servers, are used to learn your preferences and needs in order to save you the hassle of manually managing every device each and every time.

Let's delve a little further to learn about LG's idea of AI and how that is manifested in the ThinQ line of products. The more time you spend with ThinQ products, the better adapted and more knowledgeable their intelligent services become. Essentially, with time, ThinQ is akin to a fine wine. It will constantly evolve and fine tune so that it can be attentive your every need. Now only if your hairdresser got that message...

LG makes products for your daily use whether it be in your home, office or on the road. This wide range of products accompanies you throughout the day and serves as your helper to ensure a seamless AI experience throughout the day.

Finally, unlike other companies, LG decided against a closed, proprietary system. Instead, LG's desire to empower consumers and respect their freedom of choice ensured that ThinQ utilizes an open platform that supports IoT powered devices from any other manufacturer. This puts you firmly in the driver's seat so you can furnish your home in the way you see best fit.

To give you an example, LG has already formed partnerships with both Google and Amazon. So if you already use Google Assistant or Alexa, these platforms can be integrated with your LG ThinQ products for a seamless and easy transition. Yes, this means you can tell Alexa to play your favorite tune as well as turn on the LG air purifier when the air gets a bit stale.

Spending less time hassling over instruction manuals and wrestling with machines? Spending more time with loved ones and doing beloved things? Sounds good! LG hopes to relieve you from the burden of your daily chores and monotonous routines so you can really live your life to the fullest. After all, weren't machines created for this very purpose?

Life's good!

*ThinQ products launch may vary by country.