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LG Super UHD TV ft. Nano Cell Technology: Now any seat is the best seat in the house


LG Super UHD TV ft. Nano Cell Technology: Now any seat is the best seat in the house

The days of fighting for the middle of the couch are over. Sit anywhere in the living room and lose yourself in a world of lifelike colours and brilliant images.

Movie time! Being the gracious host that you are, you've whipped up some buttery popcorn and some amazing treats for all to enjoy. What is your reward? Banishment to the far, lonely reaches of the living room. That seat is reserved for the last to arrive. 


Yup... even when you were the one thoughtful enough to bring everyone treats. It's going be another long night of washed out, muted colours and unwatchable images. 


But wait something's changed. Why is the picture quality still so splendid and the colours still so vibrant on this marooned island: the corner of the living room? That's because you're watching the LG Super UHD TV featuring the brand spanking new, Nano Cell Technology. 


Sound fancy? It is. So let's break it down. Nano Cell Technology utilizes uniformly-sized particles retain more subtle and accurate colours for viewing angles up to 60 degrees. LG is so far the only manufacturer able to achieve such advanced technology.

Slide1. The red area represents the extent to which the colour gamut area stays at 100%. (based on LG's internal measurements using its own test methodology)


Slide4. Source : Ipsos, TV viewing location study in USA/France (2017)


That lonely island from the corner of the room has now become the comfortable cocoon from which you can relish that perfect movie. No more fighting for the centre of the couch, no more brooding from the corner, you're not missing out. 


It’s not just the size of the particles that make a difference. LG's Nano Cell improves off-angle viewing fidelity because individual nano-sized light absorbing material is applied to the colour filter. This technology absorbs superfluous light wavelengths to really enhance the displayed colours on the TV. 

Recently the legendary captain Steven Gerrard and his heir apparent, Adam Lallana bore witness to this innovative technology. Both took turns attempting to kick a ball from wide angles in order to hit the highest number with the goal to accumulate the maximum points possible.  This was done to emulate the off-center field of view that many viewers experience while watching TV.


One aimed for the numbers displayed on a conventional TV while the other did the same on the LG Super UHD TV from wider angles. Guess who won? Everytime the player hitting the target of the LG Super UHD TV with Nano Cell was the victor.


World class athletes benefited from the wide viewing angle and it was crucial to win the game. Would a showdown between the everyman yield the same result?  In order to recreate this experience, LG created a game anyone could play for IFA 2017. Same game, different appendage. Competitors each took turns pressing the corresponding button of the illuminated number on a conventional TV, then the LG Super UHD TV.


Everyday TV viewers were able to test out the stunning Nano Cell technology in real time. Just like the game played by the footballers, the result was entirely one sided. The competitor playing on the LG Super UHD TV were the runaway winners. This was proof that regardless of who was playing, the Nano Cell technology enabled the competitor to win every single time. Amazingly, wide angle viewing fidelity is only one of many ground-breaking feature of this TV.


LG's Nano Cell employs the improved ULTRA Luminance technology for brighter, sharper, and more detailed image highlights. Along with this technology, the LG Super UHD TV is equipped with Active HDR and Dolby vision. 


Why is that important? The human eye is able to adjust and process very bright and very dark lighting light conditions in an environment. TVs without HDR capabilities don't have the sophistication to process these contrasting exposures. This will not be a problem you'll be running into. 


The various HDR formats supported by this TV will retain the details and information in bright highlights and dark shadows, enabling the viewer to enjoy the different range of lighting naturally and organically. All these sensational features might make you forget that you are actually just watching TV in the corner of your living room. 


So next movie night, come late, sit in the corner, relax, and enjoy the show because your seat is still the best seat in the house.

Life's Good!



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