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Around the world, the television is used as the centrepiece of a room. However, with TVs getting bigger, they can end up being unsightly by dominating the space. That is why a new category of television has emerged; a TV that looks like art can seamlessly blend into existing décor while standing out as the focal point of any space.

  • Learn how the LG OLED Objet Easel combines an eye-catching design with remarkable sound, leading picture quality and versatile mounting options
  • The LG OLED Objet Posé’s minimalist-but-striking aesthetic is packed with cutting-edge technology 
  • Assess the pros and cons when it comes to design-led TVs that look like works of art 
  • Consider a few important factors to improve your viewing experience

The LG OLED Objet Collection’s Posé and Easel are two LG TVs that fall within this category. Certain to turn heads, both displays have been designed to resemble picture frames, yet they still possess OLED’s groundbreaking technology and exceptional picture quality. Read on to discover more about these gorgeous art TVs that are packed with smart features.

The LG OLED Objet Collection – Easel

Prioritising style as well as substance, the Easel really is a TV that looks like art. 

A far cry from a boring black rectangle, this aesthetically pleasing display has a moveable Kvadrat fabric cover that can slide up over the screen. Controlled via the TV’s remote, it can fully cover the screen or add a new perspective through line view, which showcases information such as the time and weather in a variety of themes and designs. Slide the cover away to reveal the screen, and you can use Gallery Mode to create your own masterpiece. 

LG OLED Easel is a TV that looks like art in a gallery
LG OLED Easel is a TV that looks like art in a gallery

The Easel OLED TV wouldn’t look out of place in a gallery. While it’s true that many framed TVs can be used to view and display digital art, this creative TV offers top-tier realistic image production in addition to its jaw-dropping design. With an industry-leading OLED evo screen and the latest A9 Gen 5 processor, the Easel delivers a truly mesmerising picture that makes it hard to look away.

Specifications and features 

The Easel features powerful OLED evo technology, including self-lit pixels that turn themselves on and off without a backlight. With this feature, you will witness perfect black and exceptional colours that deliver stunning contrast. 

The OLED TV also features Brightness Booster to ensure every detail is even more defined, while the state-of-the-art processor optimises picture and sound based on the content you watch. 

To become truly immersed you also need crisp, multi-dimensional sound. With a robust 80W output and room-filling 4.2 channels, this art TV makes you feel like you’re front row at the opera house, concert hall or cinema.

Size and resolution 

Currently the LG Objet Easel 65-inch 4K OLED TV is available in just one size. But, this versatile model delivers a resolution of 3840 x 2160.

Installation and setup

There are two ways to install the Easel. The first is a zero-gap installation that allows the TV to sit flush against the wall, making the TV appear more like a picture frame. 

The second option is the leaning installation that sees the television placed against the wall at a slight angle. This makes full use of the unique built-in stand as the TV resembles a canvas on top of an easel. 

The LG OLED Objet Collection – Posé

Such is the beauty of this television that renowned designers Moooi featured the product at Milan Design Week 2022 — and for good reason. This is a TV with design very much at the forefront. It looks stunning from every angle and has the ability to seamlessly blend into the decor of any room. 

The LG OLED Pose art TV looks like a painting
The LG OLED Pose art TV looks like a painting

Featuring round edges and smooth lines, the delicately designed TV features a beige textile finish that adds charm to any space. Even the back of the screen has been taken into consideration thanks to a media shelf where you can show off your favourite books or magazine. Additionally, a cable and accessory organiser keeps everything tidy and ensures an uninterrupted view. 

It is not just the design that will impress, the Posé is also packed with cutting-edge technology that ensures incredible picture quality. As well as boasting a top-of-the-line OLED evo screen, the TV features a tiny, yet mighty processor that optimises picture and sound for a true cinematic experience. 

Specifications and features 

Just like the Easel, the Posé features the most advanced OLED display on offer by LG. It provides unbeatable contrast levels and quite literally perfect black, ensuring you become immersed in vivid colours and fine details. 

No OLED Posé review is complete without mentioning the computing power. Using the latest A9 Gen 5 processor, AI is used to ensure both the sound and picture is optimised.

The TV also features Dolby Vision which helps to deliver an ultra-vivid picture and bring the entertainment to life, while Dolby Atmos creates powerful audio that fills the room around you. This helps to create a cinema-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

Size and resolution 

The LG Objet Collection – Posé is available in three sizes (measured by inches):

All models feature an impressive 3840 x 2160 UltraHD 4K resolution.

The Pose TV looks like art in any room
The Pose TV looks like art in any room

Installation and setup

Just like the Easel, the Posé can free stand on the stylish base or sit flush against the wall by detaching from the base. Both options allow you to create a unique interior as when you’re not watching TV. In fact, this OLED TV can transform into a digital picture frame if you select one of the preinstalled art pieces — or upload your own.


These TVs that look like art were released in 2022, and are now available around the world. Across Europe, you can find this LG OLED Objet line in Poland, Austria, Spain, France, Belgium, Sweden, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, The Netherlands, Romania, Germany and the UK.

The pros and cons of a TV that looks like art

There are some factors to consider when looking for TVs that look like art. If you are giving careful consideration to the look of your home and require something that gels with your decor, then the stylish Easel and Posé are ideal solutions. 

The LG Easel is an OLED TV that looks like art
The LG Easel is an OLED TV that looks like art

If you prefer to prioritise size and are seeking the biggest possible screen, then there are 77-inch TVs and 83-inch TVs in the LG OLED evo range. This line is also great if you are seeking a television that improves your gaming experience or want to build your own home cinema. 

Another consideration is the cost. There is a huge array of choice for standard televisions, with something to suit every budget. However, if you want a top-tier model that ensures the picture quality and is assured to impress every visitor to your home, then the Easel and Posé are certain to deliver. 


  • The Easel and Posé boast a unique, minimalist design that can transform any room
  • Both have customisable features that can turn the TV into a work of art 
  • They are extremely thin and can sit flush to a wall with no gap 
  • Smart TV features provide a range of enhanced capabilities, such as voice assistant, streaming options and a wealth of AI technology 
  • OLED evo ensures incredible picture performance and contrast thanks to perfect black production 
  • The sound quality is unmatched, helping you to become truly immersed in the content


  • The unique design and top-of-line features come at a higher cost 
  • These TVs that look like art can blend into any space. But, there are fewer size options, with the 42” OLED Posé model the smallest and the 65” OLED Easel the biggest 

What else do I need to consider?

There are a few points you should keep in mind if you want to add a TV that looks like art to your home.

Viewing distance

It is important to think about the viewing distance to avoid eye strain. As these TVs are 4K then there is a simple formula to follow to discover the perfect distance. Simply use 2.1cm of viewing distance for every inch of the diagonal screen size, so for a 65” screen you would need to be around 1.6m away.

Viewing angle

Viewing angle should also come into consideration, fortunately all OLED TVs feature an impressively wide viewing angle of around 70 degrees from the centre. This means that you won’t notice any difference in colours or brightness. 

The viewing angle may also affect where the TV is placed within the room. Fortunately, both TVs can be wall mounted, while the Posé can free stand and the Easel can lean against any wall.

Soundbar connectivity

These OLED art TVs sound great on their own, but you may also want to connect your TV to a soundbar or sound system. This has been made simple through LG Sound Sync, which uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect your television and sync the audio between devices. 

Both of these framed TVs can be mounted to the wall, so you can add a large soundbar without disrupting the aesthetic. But, if you want to use the stand instead for an even more artful feel, you can consider opting for a cleverly placed compact soundbar. There are plenty of ways to achieve an even bigger sound without stealing the spotlight.

An LG TV that looks like art fits in a modern living room design
An LG TV that looks like art fits in a modern living room design

However you choose to setup your art-inspired cinematic experience, you’ll find that this line of elegant displays prioritise sound performance just as much as visual appeal.

If you are seeking a television that combines cutting-edge technology and incredible picture quality with a unique, eye-catching design then both OLED Objet TVs perfectly fit the brief. With the ability to transform your living space, these TVs that look like art will seamlessly blend in whilst making your visitors do a double take. 

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