How to set up your room

So, you’ve chosen and purchased your perfect soundbar. Now it’s at home, the first thing to do is work out whereabouts in the room you will put it. Here are three top tips on setting up your room:

1.    Position it correctly: Place the soundbar at ear height and clear the path of books, magazines or other objects getting in the way of the sound flow.

2.    Experiment with subwoofer: Place your subwoofer – the separate box that delivers bass sound – in different areas of the room ‘til you find the best sound.

3.    Sort your seating: Sitting too close to the soundbar or too far from your rear speakers can reduce the quality of the sound.

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Connecting a soundbar to a TV

Connecting a soundbar to a TV is easy. Your soundbar connects to your TV either wirelessly or through a single cable. Designed to sit below your TV, the soundbar can be either wall mounted or placed on a cabinet. You can even complement it with additional rear speakers to create true home cinema surround sound.

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Choosing the right soundbar

If you’re yet to decide on your soundbar, LG has a broad selection to suit different tastes and budgets. Many of our soundbars are designed for specific LG TVs to make your life easier, while we also boast flagship models with the best of Dolby Atmos® built-in.

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Feel car chases and atmospheric effects unfold around you with the 360° sound bubble of Dolby Atmos®


Get right in the game. Sense every approaching footstep and distant noise with the object-based audio of Dolby Atmos®


Surround yourself with the roar of the crowd and the thwack of the ball. Experience football in 360° sound with Dolby Atmos®

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